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Bosspy is free cell phone monitoring application that was designed for monitoring children and employees. A small group of enthusiastic developers worked with all their dedication to make a reliable and an effective spy app. And they succeeded. Besides, they made it free for any user so it gave opportunities for people who could not pay for the app. But the developers don’t mind if you support them and make a donation for the development of the project. But this is optional (Only if you want and if you like the application).

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Important Monitoring Functions of  Bosspy

bosspy reviewWith Bosspy you can monitor all phone and Internet activities. Bosspy provides you a full, complete access to the information about the activities of your children and your employees. It is a great surveillance application which can provide a complex set of common spying features. Use Bosspy, and you will be able to monitor:

  • Phone calls: incoming and outgoing. You may be surprised, but the app can track all call logs, including the next information: contact names, numbers, time and date of phone calls, duration of each call;
  • GPS location. The special function can locate the current GPS location of the owner of the target device. You should make a request, and the app would display current GPS position of the user on the special virtual map. You can see this information in your personal account. If you use this app as a tool for parental control, it is a great opportunity to keep calm because you know where your child is and can be sure that everything is alright. The history of GPS locations would be available for the viewing too;
  • Text messages. You will be able to track and save the copies of all sent and received  SMS messages. It is great that the app provides access to all deleted messages as well. It captures the messages when they are generated and uploads them to your online account. Thanks to this technological innovation the owner of the target phone will have no opportunity to hide something by deleting messages;
  • Web browser activity. You will see the complete list of all URLs, the website pages that the owner of the target device has visited. You will also see all bookmarks and favorite websites.

Benefits of Bosspy

bosspy review

It is easy to use

Bosspy is an app which provides a user-friendly interface. The navigation is simple. You don’t need to be a hacker to install the app.

It works in the stealth mode

After the installation, the app hides in the back of the device’s operating system so the user of the target device will not notice anything strange and would not detect you.

 Convenient personal account

Bosspy provides its users convenient personal web accounts which give them full control. The user of the spying app can sign into the account from any device which has the Internet connection all over the world. All the information will be saved there, and you will be able to view it at any time.


With this application, you will be able to catch all symbols, words, and phrases what were tapped on the keyboard of the cell phone or tablet.

Dedicated customer support

Bosspy provides a very helpful and dedicated customer support. The team is always ready to help. If you have any problems with the application or any questions, you may feel free to ask for the help. You may ask all questions by telephone and email.

How does Bosspy work?

bosspy reviewThe installation and the work of the software are quite simple. You should download the file and simply install it on the target device (the device which you want to monitor). After the installation, the app will do the rest of the work by itself.  It will capture and record the data in the stealth mode and send it to your personal online account. The steps of the installation are the next:

  1. Download and install the software on the cell phone or tablet which you are going to monitor;
  2. Create your personal account on the website Use your valid e-mail and password;
  3. Reboot the device;
  4. Login to your personal account and track the information that you need.

You need to have physical access to the target device only during the installation. After that, the app works independently. And there is no need to touch the target phone in order to get the information. You will do it remotely.

So if you are going to monitor someone’s phone, you should choose the reliable spy application which provides the full range of the most important features. And Bosspy is such application. It will give you an opportunity to spy on SMS messages, incoming and outgoing phone calls and web browser history.


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