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gps-trackingThere is a ton of controversy that surrounds that fact that your phone comes GPS track enabled. This means that wherever the phone is, it can be tracked by someone that has the software to do so. While this is helpful in instances of missing kids, criminals, or a lost cell phone, many others feel as though their privacy is being violated with the tracking capabilities on their phone.

With all the technology available on your phone, you probably don’t consider the tracking features as something that is essential. However, if and when there comes a time that you are going to need it, you will most likely be thankful that you have it on your phone.

With the many advantages and disadvantages related to cell tracking services. It is a good idea to review what each one is before deciding if you want it enabled on your devices. Take a look at some of the pros and cons before shopping the net for new software.

The Positives Related to GPS Phone Tracking System

Before ever making a decision in life, it’s always a good idea to go over the list of pros and cons. This also implies to GPS tracking apps for your phone. Here are some of the positives:

GPS Track Your Kids and Their Phones

parental-control review spyWhether you have a really good kid or one that isn’t always so honest, there is peace of mind that comes with being able to track them with GPS. You don’t even have to spy on your children with phone tracking apps. If they are carrying an iPhone with version iOS 5 or higher, they already have the application on their device. The same goes for most of the newer Androids. All you have to do is turn it on.

It’s up to you if you want to tell them that it’s activated or not. Some kids will change their behaviors if they know their parents are tracking their phones. Others may try and be deceitful to outwit the track. For instance, leaving the phone at a friend’s house while going to do other things.

Whatever you decide to do, know that you can connect their GPS tracking app to your home computer or your own smartphone. Then, you can click a button to find out where they are in just minutes. Some tracking service even allows you to pre-set boundaries. If your child leaves this area, you will get a notification email instantly sent to you.

Tracking a Cheating Spouse’s Phone with GPS

Instead of lying awake night after night worrying about where your partner is, you can track their phone with GPS software. Some of the more advanced services also offer additional features like:

  • Monitoring emails, text messages, and social media pages
  • Accessing their camera on their phone
  • Checking their call logs
  • Visuals of every keystroke
  • Listen to live conversations

Depending on how much you want to spend, you can get pretty in-depth with phone tracking software. Just keep in mind that in most countries, putting a track on someone without them knowing is illegal.

Emergency GPS Phone Tracking Services

In the event you become lost, a child goes missing, or a fugitive goes on the run, GPS phone tracking software is very handy. Law enforcement officers can use their own programs to track where the phone is of the individual they are looking for. As long as the GPS is turned on, the location will come up on a map in just a few minutes.

Find a Lost or Stolen Phone with GPS Tracking Function

For those that seem to have trouble keeping track of their phones, GPS tracking function can be very useful. When the program is activated, as long as you have set up an account, it is easy to find out where your phone has been left. It’s the same for phones that have been stolen. Some of the features that you can use remotely in these cases are:

  • Locking the phone so nobody can use it
  • Displaying contact information so if it is found the finder can get in touch with you
  • Erase emails, text messages, and other data
  • Call it so you can hear it ring if it’s nearby

The Negatives to GPS Phone Tracking Services

mobilephonetracker1As with almost everything, there are also negatives that come with GPS phone tracking programs. Review what they are before deciding if this is a software that is right for you.

It’s not Legal

In almost every country, tracking a cell phone without a person’s knowledge is against the law. If you have the ability to track a phone with GPS, you may be tempted to break that law and violate the phone owner’s rights. Google any information available on a legal website in your area before doing any phone tracking.

It Doesn’t Always Work

Just because you have GPS phone track installed, it doesn’t mean it’s always going to work. If the phone is shut off, the track is impossible. Likewise, if the device is stored in a glove box or other secure area. The GPS isn’t going to read accurately.

Invasion of Privacy

Perhaps the biggest problem or complaint with phone tracking capabilities is the invasion of privacy. Hackers, thieves, and other dishonest people may use your phone GPS tracking software against you. If they want to break into your home or cause you harm in another way, they can easily track where you are at any given moment. So, while you are out to the mall with your friends, they are at your house taking everything you own.

It’s up to you to carefully review the list of pros and cons before to deciding what GPS tracking software is right for you. Just be sure you know the rules and regulations and how to operate it if you do choose to install it.


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