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who is my bf texting

It is not that women are always paranoid, but whenever our boyfriend starts taking his cell phone to the bathroom, sending strange messages and changing passwords on his device, it is more than evident that something is wrong, and you desperately feel the need to hack his iPhone remotely.

When the person we love is acting suspiciously, his behavior can tear the relationship apart.  In such moments, it is wise to stay calm and confront your boyfriend with substantial evidence, like messages, photos, location, etc.

How do you know if your boyfriend is texting someone else?

You’ve probably been asking yourself: How to see who my bf is texting? Is my boyfriend texting another girl? Who is she?

It’s not easy to accuse someone of cheating and lying, but you have the right to know the truth.

Who of his friends is more important than his girlfriend?

Why isn’t there any proof of your relationship on social media? Is your boyfriend cheating on you?

Nothing can unmask a person better than their mobile phone. Unfortunately, every boyfriend who is in a close relationship makes the following five irreparable mistakes sooner or later.

A boyfriend who is too protective of his cell phone

Your boyfriend feels nervous when you are near his cell phone.  He is a person who never lets you hold his device — it is always in his hands.

That may not mean you have a boyfriend who is cheating, but he is hiding something.

A boyfriend who is texting intensely

Your boyfriend was never in the mood for texting before. Suddenly, he starts texting and sending email messages all the time.

If he looks distracted and distant, keeps his Instagram private,  you should know he is texting someone he is interested in.

A boyfriend who is deleting messages and always logging out from his account

It is a boyfriend who is not easy to track. He never turns on location, never keeps old messages, and changes passwords on his cell phone regularly.

Also, he never stays logged in on a device you both use, like a laptop or tablet.

A boyfriend who gets lost during a conversation

He takes a lot of time to text you back or reply to your email or messages. It may indicate that besides you, your boyfriend is texting someone else.

A boyfriend who is mentioning friends every time his cell phone rings

Regardless of whether you ask or not, your boyfriend will try to explain who is texting him. According to him, social media notifications and email messages are always from his friends or his boss.

How can I read what my boyfriend is texting without touching his device?

mspy dashboard

Even if he is cheating, it is never right to check his phone.

But that one question keeps bugging you — How can I track my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing?

Is there any reliable spy app that lets you see who your boyfriend is texting and who the person he is texting and cheating you with is?

mSpy is a perfect app that can answer the question “Who is my man texting?”

It has 30+ monitoring features that can help you find out who your boyfriend is texting, as well as check his email account, online messages, social media activity, and even his location.

Try mSpy

How can you find out who is texting from an app?

All you need to do is:

  • Purchase one of the mSpy packages and get installation instructions.
  • Download and install software on his device (the device must be rooted or jailbroken).
  • Sign in to enter his texting history, location, messages, call logs, and more.

This invisible spy app runs in the background and is easy to install on any device — Android or iOS.

With advanced options like iPhone or Android keylogger that captures every password ever typed or geofencing that provides a detailed GPS location.

You can monitor his device, contact list,  Snapchat, Facebook account, social media activity, online or text messages, etc.

Finally, you can say: There is an app where I can download who my bf has been texting if his number is under my name and see whether my boyfriend is a person who is cheating on me or our relationship still matters to him.

How to find out who is calling my boyfriend?

You can discover the identity of the person who is your boyfriend texting by using the reverse phone lookup tool.

The tool lets you find out full names, phone numbers, messages, location, social media account, and even details about relatives, photos, or property information.

What to do if my intuition was right?

Take control and confront your boyfriend with the facts.

Tell him you know whom he is texting and sending inappropriate messages to.

Try to hear your boyfriend and his reasons out but never accept lies.

Leave the relationship if you feel hurt, and you can’t trust your boyfriend anymore.