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If you need to track SMS on somebody’s phone, you can easily do this with the help of SMS spy apps. Nowadays, mobile technologies let us do this without making any effort. There we gathered some special text message monitoring apps reviews for you.

Highster Mobile

highster-mobile alt=One more tracker app, Highster Mobile, can’t be considered a multitask one. Though it corresponds to its name completely. That’s an ideal app for phone searching in case you’ve lost it or it has been stolen. This SMS tracker app suggests you a Thief Tracker setting that makes a photo of anyone who tries to unlock your gadget instead of you and identifies the location of your phone. The photo is sent to the company mail; after that, it is forwarded to you. If you don’t have GPRS, you can control your phone with the help of text commands.

Strong aspects

  • Effective Thief Tracker tool
  • Identification of the phone location

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mspy premium for sms trackingmSpy is a texting spy software app with a long record, well known on the mobile market. It suggests you spying on mobile phones and reading messages from almost any mobile gadget. No doubt, it’s beneficial.

Using a useful text message spy app like mSpy, you can do more than take out new text messages… Also, you will be able to retrieve old or deleted messages from the cell phone. In such a way, you will know all the details of the SMS content.

mSpy Text monitoring app possesses a robust system of remote tracking. mSpy will help you to be abreast of what’s going on in the messages of your partner, friends, or children.

Strong aspects

  • No-jailbreak program
  • Undetectable
  • Access to deleted messages

Moreover, mSpy is a text message spy that can not only check who is your bf texting but also extract hidden calls, photos, videos, websites, and uninstalled apps. The price for this SMS spy app is 69,99$, and you won’t have to download upgrades. They are already included in the package.

Auto Forward

auto forward packageAuto Forward Spy is said to be one of the best apps for tracking messages on iPhone and Android gadgets. This SMS spy app for Android lets you review browser’s history in google and other browsers, unlock logins and passwords, track up SMS messages that were sent and received, etc. Due to the SMS tracker app, you can do this without having somebody’s phone in your arms!

Also, you can record any phone conversation you like. Later you will be able to save the record and listen to it.

One more function is browsing control. You will see if anyone visits inappropriate or prohibited websites.

Strong aspects

  • Detailed information about each message: time, date, sender/recipient
  • Call recording function
  • Social media monitoring
  • Gps tracking
  • Information about all incoming and outgoing calls

Free customer service for this text monitoring software is available, so if you have any questions, you can call and get answers. The cost of this tracker is 39,99$.

SurePoint Spy

surepoint-spyThough this SMS tracker is a new one on the market. It’s worth paying attention to it. It will be useful for parents who want to control their child or boss who needs to monitor their employees.

With the help of SurePoint Spy texting spy, you can view all incoming and outgoing calls, monitor messages, which are sent and received. SurePoint SMS tracker is excellent stealth for those who want to know the truth. All information is retrieved, and after that, it appears in your account, which you can use from your phone.

SurePoint Spy tracker will cost you 69,99$ without any extra fees for updates. You are welcome to use the Customer Support service for free.

Strong aspects


xnspyXNSPY enables you with the following features: SMS tracking and chat conversations tracking. It is also equipped with a GPS locator. XNSpy provides you with such tools, like tracking of contacts and phone calls, identification of GPS position, recording of phone calls, and viewing of photos or videos.

Strong aspects

  • GPS location
  • Efficient SMS tracking
  • Call Log Pro

This texting spy is specialized in the recording of voice conversations during the phone calls with other contacts. The record starts as soon as the call recipient appears on the line. With this software, you will have the possibility to send yourself the recording to save it on your device. You can record conversations up to 2 minutes for free. For installing 30 minutes of recording time, you’ll have to pay 4,99$.

Strong aspects

  • Recording function


mobipastMobiPast is known to be one of the best invisible SMS spy apps. Monitor messages not only on the cell phone, but also spy on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. You will know what messages somebody sends or receives every 30 minutes. You will even get access to removed messages on the iPhone. It is a successful trial for your children, partners, and children.

Strong aspects

  • SMS spy in social networks

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