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Instagram has become one of the top-notch platforms. Seeing someone’s private Instagram profile can play a huge role in making some decisions or finding the truth.

So, can you view private Instagram profiles online?

Yes, you can. Majorly, there are four tried and tested ways through which you can view private Instagram accounts:

  1. Using third-party apps: These apps are tailor-made for people who want to view locked profiles. Nevertheless, they are the best option!
  2. Using a fake account: You can create a fake account and pray that the other person accepts your request.
  3. Using online tools: This is yet another way through which you can attempt to view a locked profile. But they are unreliable – they may or may not work.
  4. Using a Trojan horse: This method is similar to creating a fake account, except the fact that the fake profile here is made keeping the interests of the target user in mind.

Let’s explore each of these options in detail and find the answer to the question – how to view private Instagram profiles without following no survey.

Using a third-party app

auto forward dashboard

There is an app for everything. Well, there are apps for viewing private Instagram profiles too. You might feel skeptical about them and conclude that these apps do not open up a private account. You might even worry that they will install malware on your smartphone.

Well, you can get rid of all these worries with Auto Forward. In our review, we cover all of the details this app offers, click here to read it.

The app allows you to monitor all DMs, photos, videos, calls, and more, on the target phone. The tool not only allows you to monitor a locked Instagram account, but it also allows you to monitor other social media accounts as well. Think Facebook, Snapchat, and the like.

Thus, if you have physical access to the target device, for instance, if you want to see what your spouse is doing on their Instagram or if you want to track the messages and posts of your girlfriend or kids, here is how you can pay to view private Instagram:

  • Buy Auto Forward and download the tool on the target device. You will be provided with a username, password, and license key.
  • Next, follow the easy-to-follow instructions and install the app.
  • Once done, the program will start running on the monitored device.
  • It will keep running even when the phone is switched off.
  • You can then view all insights related to the target person’s Instagram profile sent by the software by logging in to your account.

Download Auto Forward

Create a fake account

It is the real back door approach through which you can view a private Instagram account. Creating a fake account on Instagram is just like creating another user account.

Here is how to bypass private Instagram account by creating a fake account:

  1. Visit Instagram
  2. Click on Sign up
  3. Enter the desired username, password, and email address
  4. Verify your account (by clicking on the link sent to you on your email)
  5. Upload some pictures and videos

And there you have a fake Instagram account.

Follow the below tips before sending out that request to view their private Instagram profile:

  • Create a fake account with the same gender as the person who you want to follow. That is generally seen as less suspicious.
  • Increase your follower count before you send them a request. To do this, you can use online Instagram followers tools or do so manually.
  • When uploading pictures, make sure to align the theme with the user you want to follow. If he/she is into hiking, then it’s better to upload pictures of hills, mountains, bikes, and hiking boots, and so on.
  • Keep it as real as possible. It shouldn’t seem like a fake account in the first place neither to users nor the platform. Don’t forget to upload your profile picture.

Just like you do with your real account, it’s best to DM them with a personalized message. Since you cannot be “real” you, you have to adjust your messaging. Compose a message that is friendly in tone and exciting at the same time. Avoid stalking or messages causing harassment.

See private profiles with the help of online tools

There are apps to see private Instagram accounts. Further, there’s no need to download them. Just login and start using. Here are some of the best ones:

  • InstaDP
  • Private Insta
  • Watch Insta
  • InstaLooker

All these profile viewers follow a similar mechanism. You need to enter the URL or username of the person’s profile you’re trying to unlock into the tool, and it’ll scrape the data for you.

Once it’s done, you can view or download the pictures of a private account.

Trojan horse

Trojan Horse approach is the upper version of creating fake profiles. You have to spend more time and effort into creating an account that the private account holder will somehow fall in love with. If they are a pro gamer who likes uploading the game streaming video in his/her account, then you too have to upload similar content. If they are into fashion, then you have to follow suit with your fake account.


So as you can see, the best way to view an account private on Instagram is to gain acceptance by the user. Instead of creating fake accounts, you can send in a message with your real Instagram account stating why you want to follow them, and chances are they’ll accept it.


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