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Have you just lost your phone and are wondering if can track your phone using IMEI for free? Well, you have come to the right place! In this article, we are going to break down exactly what IMEI tracking is, examine if it is the right method, and show you different IMEI & GPS call trackers. Let’s get started!

What Is an IMEI Number?

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique 15-digit code that is attached to every phone. This number is used to identify specific phones and the police and specialized tracking apps are able to use an IMEI to pinpoint the location of the phone based on cell tower pings.

How Does IMEI Tracking Work?

Every single phone comes equipped with a unique IMEI number. This IMEI number can be used to track a phone because whenever someone makes a call or connects to a network the location of the nearest cell tower the user’s phone interacted with can be viewed. The great thing about IMEI numbers is that it doesn’t matter if the person with the phone changed the sim card the IMEI remains the same can still be traced.

How To Find an IMEI Number?

Before you can start tracking your phone you first need to locate your IMEI number. Luckily it is incredibly easy!

To find your IMEI number on your Android device, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your phone
  2. Dial *#06#
  3. Look at your screen and you should see your Android’s IMEI number and serial number

To find your IMEI number on your iPhone, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your iPhone’s settings
  2. Select General
  3. Click About
  4. Locate the serial number near the top or scroll down and find the IMEI/MEID and ICCID

Once you have found your device’s IMEI number, you then can start using this unique number to get your device back in your hands.

Do IMEI Tracker Apps Work?

IMEI tracker online free and even paid apps do not work. To use an IMEI number to track a phone you need to have access to cell tower records and search the records to see if a particular device has interacted with a tower. Telecommunication network companies are the only ones who have access to this information and they will only share it with police after the police have obtained a warrant. Online apps do not have access to this privileged information and will never be able to get access to the location of the device via an IMEI.

There are some IMEI tracker apps that can locate your device but these apps rely on GPS to hunt down your phone. These Android and iPhone IMEI trackers use the IMEI name as a branding tool but it is impossible for them to access the cell tower records required to track a phone by MEID number or IMEI number.

What Are the Alternatives to an IMEI Tracker?

While the average joe can’t use their IMEI device there are still multiple methods to help you find your Android and iPhone, check them out below!

Spybubble Can You Help You Find Your iPhone and Android!

Spybubble is the best phone location tracker that can monitor everything someone is up to on their iPhone and Android. With Spybubble you can see who someone is calling, texting, chatting to on Social Media, and of most importantly view their exact GPS coordinates.

Spybubble leverages the inbuilt GPS in iPhone and Android devices and shows you a detailed map with a pinpoint location of where your device currently is and even sends you exact GPS coordinates. These GPS coordinates are updated in real-time so even if a thief is on the run you will be able to track their every move. It also lets you keep track of SMS and other information.

While Spybubble may not be a Google IMEI tracker it is a world-class GPS tracker and will ensure you always know where your iPhone or Android is! If you want peace of mind knowing that a thief can never get far with your precious phone try out Spybubble today! 

Use Find My iPhone To Track An iPhone

You don’t need to waste your time trying to track your phone with an IMEI number for free. Instead, you can use a method that is proven to work – Find My iPhone!

To set up Find My on your iPhone please follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings 
  2. Click your name, then select Find My
  3. You can alert your loved ones and friends to your location by switching on Share My Location
  4. Click Find My iPhone, then turn on Find My iPhone
  5. To always know the location of your iPhone even when offline switch on Find My network
  6. To ensure Apple is alerted to your location when the battery is low, turn on Send Last Location
  7. To access your iPhone on a map, all you need to do is switch on Location Services which can be done by opening Settings, clicking Privacy, then Location Services, and toggling on Location Services.

Once you have successfully set up Find My iPhone to always know the location of your device and track it, simply follow these steps:

  1. Head to and sign in
  2. Navigate to Find My iPhone and select All Devices
  3. Select the particular iPhone you wish to track, you can view the name of the device in the center of the toolbar
  4. If your iPhone is trackable you will be able to see it on the map
  5. If your iPhone is not trackable it will say offline and your device’s last known location will be shown
  6. To receive an update via email on the location of your iPhone click Notify me when found 

Thanks to Apple’s awesome Find My feature you don’t need to worry about trying to use a fake cell phone tracker with an IMEI number. Remember that for this method to work you must turn on the Find My feature before you lose your iPhone! 

Use Google Find My Device To Track An Android

Forget about trying to track your phone using IMEI for an Android online app. Instead, use Google’s amazing feature, Find My Device which is proven to work and incredibly simple to use.

To enable Google Find My Device, please follow these steps:

  1. Download Find My Device from Google Play Store 
  2. Open Settings window, 
  3. Click Google entry
  4. Select Security
  5. Click Find My Device, and switch it on

Once you have successfully set up Find My Device to pinpoint your Android’s exact locations, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to and log in to your Google Account
  2. Select the correct Android device at the top of the screen
  3. Your lost Android will get a notification
  4. Check the map where you will be able to see where your phone is currently located, the location is an approximation
  5. If your Android is currently untrackable you will receive a last known location
  6. You can now decide if you would like to lock or wipe your Android
  7. Choose the Play sound option: to ring your device at maximum volume for a full 5 minutes, even if your device is set to silent!
  8. Select the Secure device option to lock your phone with your PIN, pattern, or password. Even if you haven’t set up a screen lock you can create one remotely. You can also send a message to the phone which will be attached to the locked screen.
  9. Choose the Erase device option to completely wipe your Android and permanently delete all data on your phone. Remember that once you wipe your Android the Find My Device feature will no longer work.

Don’t waste a single second of your time with a fake IMEI tracker online for free. If you want to find your Android device instantly via Google’s world-class Find My Device app head to Google Play Store and download it now!

Where Do I Find My IMEI Number on Android?

To find your IMEI number on Android, open your phone and dial *#06#. Once you dial this number your IMEI number will be displayed on your Android’s screen.

Where Do I Find My IMEI Number on iPhone?

To find your IMEI number on your iPhone, simply open settings, select general, and click about. Then locate the serial number or keep scrolling until you find the IMEI/MEID and ICCID.

Can I Track My iPhone With an IMEI Number?

It is not possible to track an iPhone via an IMEI number. To track an iPhone you will have to use the find my phone feature or have a tracking app installed such as Spybubble which can reveal your iPhone’s GPS coordinates.

Can I Track My Stolen Phone With a Serial Number?

It is possible to find a stolen Android phone with a serial number if you contact the police who can access cell tower records. IMEI tracker apps claiming to locate your phone do not actually use your IMEI number and typically use GPS instead.


So there you have it IMEI number tracking location online software does not work. The only way to track a phone with an IMEI number for free is to contact the police and have them subpoena the cell tower records and perform an investigation.

If the police open an investigation and the thief has made a phone call or connected to a cellular network, they can trace the thief to the nearest cell tower the stolen phone interacted with.

Don’t be fooled by a fake serial number tracker online for free as these apps do not work. To find your device you need to use the find my phone feature on your phone or download 3rd party software like Spybubble which uses GPS technology to find the exact coordinates of your phone.