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hack-phoneAre you wondering if someone can get access to your messages? The answer is ‘Yes.’ There is a probability that your phone will be hacked and someone will get remote access to all your text messages: received, send and even drafts and deleted messages.  And this information will be used to spy on you. Someone who wants to get access to your device can do it using different ways.

Secure Your Phone

Your texts may be hacked through free WiFi networks that you usually use in shops, parks and other public places. The other method to hack the phone is cracking the password. Someone can also use Bluetooth for that purpose. But mobile spy apps are the most widespread tools for getting access to your device.

How to protect cell phone from hackers

protect-your-smart-phone-from-hackersEach of us can become a target of hacker attacks. Our spouses or employers may want to gain access to our messages. Our loved ones may do this with good intentions in order to ensure our security or to dispel their doubts. But hacking our text messages by strangers can cause real harm. There are some ways to protect our devices and texts from an unauthorized access:

  • Download applications and media files only in the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store;
  • Use a reliable anti-virus for mobile security;
  • Avoid applications if their installation requests permissions which they usually don’t need;
  • Do not leave your phone unattended;
  • Don’t open MMS received from unfamiliar senders with strange names and don’t download strange attachments;
  • Change passwords from time to time because passwords are often the weak spots of your mobile security system.

Secure Your Phone

With the help of different tools, someone can hack our phones and tablets and track all received and sent text and multimedia messages and even those that were deleted. But forewarned is forearmed. So be cautious using your cell phone in order to protect it from hacking!


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