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how-to-read-someones-text-messages“My husband and I have been married for 10 years, but he works away from home, and I have noticed suspicious clues that he may be having an affair. Can you tell me how to check someone else’s SMS messages without access to their phone?”


How to Spy on Text Messages without Having the Target Phone?

With the advent of highly accessible mobile technology and advancements in phone design that allow users to perform virtually every conceivable transaction and communication from the convenience of their mobile handset, is stands to reason that a cell phone can literally contain someone’s life!  Consequently, a cell phone likely also contains all the secrets of its owner so if you want to uncover those secrets, a cell phone would be the best device to hack.

hack-phoneWith modern software, it is possible and very easy to track someone’s SMS and spy on text messages.  Surprisingly, it doesn’t require access to the target device to spy on.

You can purchase and download the software, and the prompts will help you with your surveillance set-up.  A highly developed software enables users to spy on cell phone remotely, using only the cell number.

Access allows users to view e-mail, SMS and social media messages sent and received by the owner of the target device.  Interestingly, this software also collects and relays messages that were deleted up to a year ago. And this may be important in your situation.  The software is available at a reasonable once-off cost, and in some cases, there is a small monthly subscription.

This highly advanced software is becoming increasingly attractive to people who suspect their spouses of infidelity. However, you should be cognisant of the fact that violating someone’s privacy may be subject to criminal prosecution. And your first course of action should be talk to your husband.  Failing that, you might find Auto Forward Spy a viable option.


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