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sms tracking iPhoneSpying on your boyfriend’s iPhone text messages or monitoring your child’s devices might be a little bit challenging but also enlightening at the same time. You can get a lot of information on anyone just by spying on their iPhones. Messages are a reflection of a person’s daily life. Nowadays, texting has become a norm; spying on SMS can reveal a lot of information on someone. Some of the iPhone text message spy apps include invisible trackers like TheTruthSpy has. The app will enable you to spy text messages on any smartphone, either Android or iPhone. Installing the app is free.

Using SMS trackers can seem like a breach of privacy. But in some situations, it is necessary, depending on the situation and intention of the person doing the spying. The message spying app has a variety of characteristics which will prove to be worthwhile for anyone purchasing it.

Features of the SMS tracking app


  • The text spy app has a global positioning system feature. This helps to locate the position of the mobile phone at all times using live GPS. The feature is also accompanied by a satellite map that will guide to the location of the phone.
  • It also makes it possible to track phone conversations. It makes it possible to listen in to conversations as they happen.
  • You can monitor the phone call logs and history. It hacks into the call logs of the phone.
  • You can also track SMS exchanged using that phone remotely.
  • It has a user interface that enables you to view the information from the phone in which you have installed the message spy app using a computer whenever you want, and you have hacked it successfully.
  • A stealth feature which will ensure that the message spying will go unnoticed.

The essential apps are free and compatible with iPhone users, but an extra cost will be charged to premium rate users, which you can be paying every month.


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