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ikeymonitor-3The modern digital world never was a safe place for us. Many people nowadays want to protect themselves and their children from various online dangers. Others want to control their employees and corporate devices.

Also, there are people who do not trust their partners. What does connect these groups of people, you ask. Well, all these are keylogger apps users. All of them want to monitor someone’s phone and know some details that are hidden or unavailable to them. Let’s talk about such software and one of the most popular and reliable ones, iKeyMonitor.

Keyloggers appeared a few years ago and first they were simple solutions to log all the keystrokes one makes on his computer. Later keyloggers have evolved into powerful tools with multiple features and options.

Logging keystrokes today is nothing special at all. But such keyloggers as iKeyMonitor can surprise you with a great range of features available for a reasonable price. It can work with all the most popular operating systems such as Android and iPhone iOS.

About keyloggers

keyloggers11If you want to monitor someone’s phone, a typical keylogger will do the job perfectly well. If you want something more than just a keylogger, iKeyMonitor would be the best choice for you. Such applications first were created and used by digital criminals to steal people’s passwords and other personal information. But today, keyloggers are more positive than ever. They are used be a regular smartphone and computer users to track their kids, spouses, employees or own devices.

Tracking keystrokes are the simplest option for a keylogger. You have a target device such as computer or smartphone and want to know all the words and combinations that were typed on the target phone or PC and a keylogger is the best solution. But modern apps such as iKeyMonitor will provide you with a wider range of options and possibilities. You can monitor chats, SMS, MMS, browser history, multimedia, and even calls! Sounds fantastic, isn’t it? Well, this future is a modern day already, and you just can become a part of it easily.

The reasons why people become iKeyMonitor users are various:

  • iKeyMonitor is one of those keyloggers that became extremely popular among parents who want to control and protect their children.
  • Also, people try to control their partners if there is any doubt about their relationships.
  • Employers are the third big group to use iKeyMonitor for every day. They want to control their corporate devices used by suspicious employees.

So these are the main purposes for keyloggers and iKeyMonitor particularly. Of course, you may have your own vision of iKeyMonitor and its usage. We just want to say that this keylogger is surely worth of your attention if you are looking for a reliable and solid keylogger that would track any device you need.

Stealth mode

ikeymonitor-screenOne of the most important features of any keylogger is invisibility. If you want your spying action to be a secret, you can’t go without it. For you to note, not all the modern keyloggers are invisible, even if they say so. Some of such apps can be easily detected by special antivirus software or even by a target phone user. Not the best scenario for your monitoring, right?

Well, iKeyMonitor will be exactly what you want and expect from a reliable keylogger. It is quiet, it is reliable, and it is invisible. It is almost impossible to discover iKeyMonitor and its presence on the target phone. And what it gives you? Let’s figure this out.

iKeyMonitor key features:


  • Screenshots

iKeyMonitor has one special feature that is unique for modern keyloggers. This app can do screenshots of any action on the screen of the target phone. This is the perfect solution when you need to have an actual proof of some certain actions of the target phone user.

  • Messages

SMS, MMS, emails, and even super safe messenger applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber can be easily monitored by iKeyMonitor. Any message incoming or outgoing via the target phone will be available for you.

  • Social Networks

Nowadays people are more often communicating via social networks than by phone or simple SMS. That is why iKeyMonitor developed this feature to make it possible for you to record any actions going through a target social network account.

  • Calls History

While people write messages and use social networks, any smartphone is still a phone people use to make calls. With the help of iKeyMonitor, you will be able to get all the necessary info about the call such as date, number, duration, etc.

  • Browser History

iKeyMonitor is able to track all the websites that were visited by a target phone user. There is no way for a person to hide any web pages that he visited from you. Even the deleted ones from the history will be displayed for you with this keylogger.

  • GPS Locations

Any parent dreams to know where his kid is at the moment. With iKeyMonitor, this is easily possible. You will be able to track any spots on the map to identify your kid’s location with a special GPS location tracking option.

  • Contacts

Sometimes contacts are blocked on smartphones with passwords. But with iKeyMonitor you can easily enter any area on the target phone and view all the contacts saved on the device.

  • Notes

As any other apps on the target smartphone, notes, calendar, alarms are available for your view with iKeyMonitor. The use is simple as any other feature of the application.


iKeyMonitor is a perfect solution for those customers who are looking for quality and reliability. Besides, this keylogger is also very simple to use. All the logs will be sent to your personal account that can be controlled and viewed from your smartphone. Also, any log file can be sent to your email. This software has very simple and comfortable interface that would be understandable to any user, even the new one. Just try it once to use it forever.



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