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The following review covers a detailed information on Ispyoo – one of the most advanced monitoring programs. iSpyoo-boxIspyoo is a great phone monitoring software, which you can install on Android and iPhone.  The software was introduced to the market in 2010. Though, it got incredible popularity only in 2013 when spying soft became immensely popular.

The software has nicely designed website where a potential user can find all kinds of information. Even though the website is created in bright colors and looks a bit in teen style, the app has not been developed for teenagers and has all corresponding features. The website is user-friendly and client oriented, and the information is placed logically in the rights section. For example, if you want to check whether your phone is compatible with Ispyoo, you should check Compatibility section. Download section contains links to download the app.

Most Required Features of Ispyoo

iSpyoo-monitoringAll spying programs have most and least used features. Here is the list and description of the most frequently used features and insight on some other useful features of Ispyoo.

  • Track Social activity.

    It might come as a surprise, but one of the most frequent functions is controlling social activity. One of the reasons is the fact that these days people use mobile devices instead of computers to check mails, send messages, and find something online because it is quicker and easier in some way. Ispyoo has features that let you monitor Facebook messsanger activity. You can read conversions in Skype or Viber, see missed and received calls, and view other exchanged info, including media files.

  • Internet activity.

    Ispyoo also monitors the online activity of users saving info on all visited websites and uploaded files. You can see not only the date of each visit but also the exact number of each visit of specific websites. See which pages have been marked of bookmarked. It greatly helps understand what the user is curious about. This feature might be useful for business owners, who want to make sure that their employees are working and not wasting time.

  • Media.

    Gallery of the phone might contain very sensitive information. Photos and videos tell a lot about the user and his/ her interests. Ispyoo has access to media files of the phone, including dates, times, and place where the photo was taken or video recorded.

  • E-mails.

    We often use mobile devices to send e-mails without even paying much attention to this fact. For this reason, most big companies provide staff with good phones. Ispyoo allows seeing what kind of e-mails users are sending- whether they are private or personal. In such a way, you can eliminate private usage of company’s property. Information on e-mails includes addresses, subject, dates, texts, and even attachments.

  • SMS/MMS.

    Possibility to read SMS/MMS might open your eyes to many things. For instance, you have no idea about your kid’s interests or plans, the language he/she uses, etc. Message monitoring feature give you details about various sorts of information as you will see the content of each text message. Moreover, there is also a function, with the help of which you can send messages on behalf of the user of the target phone. Useful features, if you want to find out additional info.

  • Phone calls.

    Another useful feature is spying on calls. With Ispyoo it is possible to listen to live conversations or record them. If you have missed a call, do not worry as you can listen to its recording. This feature also provides insight into phone numbers, dates and duration of calls. In addition, you can choose certain numbers which you can always record when someone calls you.

  • Record surrounding.

    If you want to know more about the actual surrounding of the phone, you can listen to it via microphone or even record it. It is possible to set the exact duration of the recording. Control Panel of Ispyoo stors all available recordings.

  •  GPS.

    One of the most important features for both parents and employers is GPS tracker. This feature helps identify the phone location at a definite time or period of time. If you have suspicious about your employees and the way they spend time out of office in working hours, you can verify their words with the help of Ispyoo and its GPS tracker.

Most users prefer to use Ispyoo in a silent mode without letting know the user of the mobile device that it is being spied. Ispyoo is a perfect tool to solve monitoring problems of parents and employers. For more questions, feel free to visit its official website and find required information.


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