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mobilespyBeing a parent is difficult because you are always concerned about something. You want to give you kids the best things, and you want to protect them from bad influence. But have you ever thought that electronic devices such as computers and cell phones might also present some risk for your kids? Just think of the time kids spend online these days. Young people use computers and phones to get quick access to information, prepare home assignments for college, and stay in touch with friends and relatives. However, most parents have no idea in what way kids really use phones and laptops. They might watch abusive and violent materials or communicate with dangerous people.  In fact, teenagers spend a lot of time on Facebook and other social media chatting with old friends and making new friends. Social media is not only the place where you can make friends, but it is also the place where you can meet dishonest people with bad intentions. If you want to keep an eye on your kid and monitor his/her online chats, there is a great tool for this purpose – meet Mobile Spy monitoring software. The app is specially developed to track all phone activities of the user.

Top 9 Reasons to Choose Mobile Spy for Your Phone

mobile-spy-demoThe app is compatible with most ordinary and widely-spread phones – Blackberry, iPhone (including tablets), and Android. Once you have installed the software on the target phone, you need to open the internet browser, log in, and send commands or view information.

Mobile Spy has a number of features, which you will find extremely useful:

  1. Tracking social media

    Mobile Spy gives you full access and control over information referring activity on social media. Unlike most spying programs that give you insight only on visited websites or text messages received and sent in native phone apps, Mobile Spy allows monitoring Facebook messenger. You will be able to view received sent files, messages, links, etc.

  2. SMS/MMS

    Do you want to know who your child is sending messages to? The content of SMS and MMS will not be a secret to you anymore because Mobile Spy provides detailed information on SMS and MMS, which you will see in Panel Control.

  3. Call history overview

    The app has a feature that also allows you to monitor calls and check call history to see the time of each call and phone number. With Mobile Spy you will know more about private calls of your child.

  4. Keylogger

    Keylogger is one of the most important features of all monitoring programs for phones and computers. Mobile Spy saves keystrokes and generates information in one report. It is possible to check what has been typed and deleted or what has been searched for on the Internet.

  5. Gmail

    Gmail is probably the most popular mail agent, and Mobile Spy has taken it into consideration. The app can log all e-mails and provide you detailed information. To get required information, you need to go to online Control Panel of the program where the software saves details of time, date, subject, e-mail addresses of senders and recipients. However, it is important to note that this feature is available only on iPhone and Android.

  6. iMessage

    Some features of the app might be a little different due to the technical difference. For example, Mobile Spy can monitor the activity of messages sent via iMessage, which is typical only for iOS.

  7. GPS tracking

    All modern phones have GPS, which is extremely good when you are looking for someone. GPS tracker allows you to define the location of the user of the target phone. That means that if your son or daughter is not in school, you will be informed about that.

  8. Contacts

    You can also remotely check telephone book of target phone to see newly-added telephones. This feature gives the understanding of who your kid is contacting with.

  9. Calendar/ Organizer.

    Some parents prefer to know what events are added into calendars of their kids or what is planned in organizer.

How to Install Mobile Spy on Your Phone

android-monitoring-softwareIf you have made up your mind and want to install Mobile Spy, you should visit the official website of the program and check compatibility as well as phone requirements. Moreover, in this section you can read detailed information on all features available for different OS. Once you have made sure that your mobile device corresponds with technical requirements, make a purchase. Do not download a free version online as they might contain harmful viruses. Purchase includes the following:

  • 24/7 support of Customer Support Service
  • Subscription which is automatic but can be changeable
  • License that you can extend
  • Extra bonus when buying 12-month product – Sniper Spy for free during three months period

Is It Legal to Use Mobile Spy?

One of the most popular questions: is it legal to use monitoring soft? In most cases people use this kind of programs secretly and do not want other people to find out. Controlling your underage kids is not a crime because they need care. If you are installing Mobile Spy on a working phone, you are using devices that belong to the company and not a private person. However, it is always better to check it with a legal specialist.


If you are one of those people, who are looking for a good monitoring program, take into consideration Mobile Spy. The app has key features and is affordable for most users.


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