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snapchat-spyIf you are a parent with a child using a good mobile phone and you have never heard of mobile app called Snapchat, it is a fine time to get acquainted with it.  Statistics associated with this messaging application will astound you. It will make you realize just how many people are using this covert type of communication.

If you have a teen with a mobile device and he or she is making use of Snapchat, he/she may very well be participating in some very dangerous behaviors. Wise parents are already monitoring kids’ devices with mobile software applications. You will find out the importance of getting a mobile app to spy on Snapchat.

Brief History of Snapchat and Its Growing Popularity

Before examining some important Snapchat related statistics, it should be mentioned that the information shared here about the messaging app is derived from Statista: The Statistics Portal online. According to the latter site, it is not a young program and has been around for six years now, having a launch date of 2011.  Snapchat developers : Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy, and Evan Spiegel created the application with sole intent of using it for sharing non-permanent photos. These photos would remain intact until a special code is entered. Or until the person is allowed to view the images. The app makes image inaccessible to the viewer after a specific time passes.

Statistics Reveal Overall Importance to Spy on Snapchat

As statistics suggest, some 8 billion users are making videos daily. This is only in competition with other social media outlets like Facebook.  Snapchat is ranking as a number one download among youngsters and teens. With all of the teens and youngsters being among 100 million people using the app since 2015!

This app is growing popularity fast. And while kids may enjoy it as a socialization tool. There are no doubt some very unsavory individuals use application for means that are in no way the best for your child. Big sections of Snapchat user database are aged from 13 to 17 years old. That makes them prime pickings for Internet predators.  This is why it is vital to know how to spy on sessions. You can see what interactions your child is having through programs feature action and with whom.


What information can You Get from Spy App:

  • Whom your child is interacting with at all times and gain greater control.
  • What video content the child is filming easily.
  • Which videos and texting content the child is receiving and watching.
  • What your child is keying in as text along with images.
  • Review phone calls, data, emails, location, social media posts, and messages sent.
  • What texting and photos the child shares through.
  • Even if files are deleted, they are still visible if at one time they were on target device.

Cons of spy app usage:

  • Mobile apps that spy on Snapchat can prove pricey for monthly account.
  • Apple devices might be required to be jailbroken by the person who is installing the app.
  • Target device access is needed to install the software.
  • Some apps are glitchy. It can cause file errors to come up on a device and will require additional support.
  • Not all programs are compatible with Windows.
  • Glitches can make device seem like it has been a victim of hacking.

snapchat2Later, Snapchat became an app that allowed videos to be shared and destroyed. The wrong eyes would not see the information a person doesn’t want to share or save.

While this might be fun for an adult, parents are already cringing to think that their child might be talking to someone and destroying the conversation or video. This kind of behavior is very much a trigger point for legitimately concerned parent who feels that a child should be monitored in order to ascertain whether they are using or abusing the cell phone privileges through Snapchat use.

A Brief Note on How to Spy on Snapchat

snapchatNot every Snapchat monitoring mobile app is the same. A mobile app is something downloaded to the target phone. So you can monitor what is happening on the device from remote location.

For the most part, mobile spy apps allow you to spy on phone calls, videos, chat sessions. They also enable to monitor the use of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. All have a means of tracking the information of a phone and uploading the tracked information to a server. There parents can access Snapchat and other messaging system spyware through a private access dash panel or area online.

You will have to pay a subscription fee to have the app installed your child’s device. You will need a device compatible with spy app. To monitor Snapchat, you will have to make sure your child’s phone is compatible with Snapchat tracking tool. You will also have to make sure you get access to the child’s phone. Most apps require an initial hands-on installation and activation of Snapchat spy app.  After initial install and launch of the app, many programs will run in the background without your child knowing.

An Example of a Snapchat Spying Using FlexiSpy

flexispy-box-300x300FlexiSpy, much like MSpy, is one of the most diverse spy apps made to date. It offers the ability to spy on Snapchat usage.  The maker of this spy application has made it easy for parents to understand how the spy application works when it is installed. They have created a video revealing how the process works.

Essentially, Snapchat spyware, once installed, will run in background while the device is on.  In addition to over 150 monitoring tools, FlexiSpy allows monitoring and spying on Snapchat. Even when photos and video disappear shortly after being viewed. Because pictures are disposable in Snapchat, it is even more important to spy on them…Disposable images and videos are more likely to trigger inappropriate behavior and activities.

Even if target phone receiving the images or video erases the material, the spy app can capture what has been sent. This information is uploaded to private area online where parents can view the material to assess its acceptability. A word of note, Snapchat app has to be signed in and used in order to capture the activity in question.  Immediately, spy app turns on automatically without any necessary action on the part of the person using the app.

The Spy App Installation Process

Snapchat This process may differ depending on spy app you invest in and type of device you have.  Majority of apps are compatible with iPhone and Android devices. But iPhones sometimes have to be jailbroken to use certain features. This is something you have to check on with the manufacturer.  Basic instructions on how to download and install a spy app you can see here on

Spy Apps Are Not without Glitches

snapchat-Parents should know that sometimes, even though mobile apps run in stealth mode, can create unusual files on a phone being monitored. Occasionally, glitch behavior can also occur.  To find out more about possible signs of a mobile spy app install, check out this information article printed at online.

The glitches might prove minimal. The child may or may not realize what he or she is seeing if something pops up on the smartphone while it is used. But if the child approaches a parent that knowingly installed the app on target phone without informing the child, the best bet is to listen to complaint the child has about phone “glitch” to assess potential source and to determine if it is coming from spy app.


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