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parental-controlsIf you are a responsible parent and are looking for a top-class child monitoring app, TeenSafe would work best for you. There are dozens of various applications on the market these days, and this one gained popularity among others due to its reliability and simplicity. We can consider TeenSafe a leader on the modern parental control app market that would be not just empty words. We have prepared a thorough review on Teensafe, which shows you why Teensafe is the most reliable parental control tool nowadays. 

So why is TeenSafe so unique? Let’s say that this application provides its users with the highest quality level features and always evolves with the newest innovations. You can easily find a great number of testimonials about this phone monitoring program and most of them will be positive. Some reviews like this one you are reading will be helpful too.

So, what is the goal of TeenSafe? This application provides its users top-class spying and monitoring features that fit perfectly personal and corporate needs. Does it mean that TeenSafe is a totally universal application for a wide range of customers? Yes, absolutely right. To learn more about TeenSafe just contact their reps online as their customers support is available 24/7.

TeenSafe Features

teen-safe-allowsThe first question most of the users ask is about TeenSafe and its capabilities and compatibility with iPhone and Android mobile phones. If you are using one of these operating systems, you can be calm as TeenSafe deals with both of them perfectly. Even more, it is compatible with all the platforms existing nowadays.

To start using TeenSafe, you need to install it on the target phone first of all. If you do not want your kid to know that you are installing such phone app, you can just set it to invisible mode. The installation process is also very simple as the entire application usage. It will take you just about few minutes. Exploitation is remote and you can perform it via Control Panel on your computer, phone or any other device with Internet connection on it. To view that Panel you should register to TeenSafe official website and create your personal account.

TeenSafe Features


  • GPS location tracking

It is one of the most useful and popular features to install and use TeenSafe. You get constant control of your kid’s location no matter where and how far your son or daughter is. Besides, you can track your employees’ location and check if there really are any traffic jams on his way to the office.

  • Viewing text messages (SMS, MMS, chats, e-mails)

It is always interesting and important what the target phone user is talking about when you are not around. All the messages sent or received by your kid are available for you with the help of TeenSafe. The more fantastic is the fact that even deleted messages will be logged and available for you.

  • Calls logs

Another classic phone monitoring option is call-logging. Track all the incoming and outgoing calls with all the necessary information such as duration, time, date, number, etc. Some numbers can be banned, and you will get notifications from TeenSafe when it is calling the target phone.

  • Tracking messaging chats

    (WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Viber)

Messengers such as Facebook Messenger and Viber are extremely popular these days. They are helpful apps to use and of course TeenSafe couldn’t leave that fact without proper attention. All sent and received messages and files will be available for you too.

  • Viewing multimedia data

Multimedia is also an important point for TeenSafe users. While using TeenSafe, you get free access to video, audio, and photos.

  • Online activity

It is one of those features that are very demanded by parents who want to protect their children from inappropriate content they can face online. Adult and violent data can be banned or just monitored by you remotely.

  • Applications, Calendar, Notes

All the other applications installed on your kid’s phone will be available for you to monitor. TeenSafe is available to track all the notes and activity via various applications on the target phone.


teensafe-storiesTeenSafe is one of the most popular parental control tracking app these days with no doubt. You can easily find it on different websites, but we recommend you to get the official version due to various reasons. The most important are about reliability and capabilities of the full version. You can try TeenSafe on trial with few days free version. You can find other interesting details, instructions, and recommendations about this phone spy on its official website. If you want to get the best app from the best, TeenSafe is the perfect choice for you.


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