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While some people have no idea of the existence of spying programs, others are using it on a regular basis. In fact, monitoring programs and apps, such as theonespy, are very popular among parents and employers. You might be surprised, but these two categories of people have a serious need to monitor activities of certain people of their interests. Why?

Parent control. Parental control does not mean control out of curiosity. We live in a world of state-of-the-art-technologies that give our children access to all kinds of information, including violent and inappropriate information. Moreover, there are no guarantees that people your kid is meeting on the Internet, have good intentions. It is good to keep an eye on what is happening from time to time and monitor with the help of spying programs.

Employee control. Employers confess that around 20% of their employees use the Internet for their private usage during working hours, and, as a result, do not cope with their main responsibilities. They spend hours chatting with friends on Facebook or relatives in Skype. As it is impossible to stay on the shoulder of each employee, employers install spying apps to monitor what stuff is doing during the day.

Is it legal to use monitoring software?

legacy hack phoneOne of the most disputable questions refers to the legal side of using spying software to monitor phones and computer. Opponents consider it to be immoral and inappropriate, while supporters believe that it helps to protect family members as well as business integrity. There is no law that prohibits installing software on cell phones that belong to a company as they are considered to be company’s property. In such a way, you do not abuse any rights of your employees. The same refers to underage children, who need to be monitored and controlled. Using spying programs allows you to prevent them from getting into trouble. Nevertheless, if you have any doubts, you can talk to your legal counsel.

Benefits of TheOneSPy

TheOneSpyTheOneSpy is one of the best programs to monitor phones for several reasons:

  • Compatibility with Android, Blackberry, iPhone
  • It can be installed on several mobile phones
  • It has features that enable control over all functions of cell phones

Spying on social media with TheOneSpy

social-theonespyToday mobile devices can easily substitute computers and tablets. You can check e-mails, send messages, surf the Net, and stay on Facebook just using your phone. With TheOneSpy you can monitor Facebook, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc. This feature of TheOneSpy allows you:

  • track all messages at any time and device
  • check friend list, including newly added friends and blocked users
  • monitor all offline chats
  • get access to details of Viber calls and completed conversations

Why monitor this kind of activity? Most social media websites like Facebook, are discreet and present serious degree of privacy. It allows people from various backgrounds and intentions to mix and introduce themselves in different images. If you have a child, you understand that such level of privacy might present danger to your child. If you are an employer, you might want to know how much time employees spend on social media websites and what kind of information they share with their friends.

Monitoring other phone activities


  • Spy on calls

    TheOneSpy has spying on calls feature that allows you to know what call have been made with target You can listen to live conversations or access call logs to check what calls you have missed. If an employee uses a working phone for personal usage, it will not be a secret anymore. Micro bugging feature of TheOneSpy enables you to monitor and record not only phone conversations but also background sounds

  • Keylogger

    You can get the information what your kid has been searching on the Internet using mobile phones with the help of keylogger feature. TheOneSpy saves the history of all keystrokes and allows to access logs that contain this data at any time. Moreover, you can receive info on SMS keystrokes even if your kid has deleted SMS.

  • Password protection

    Most teenagers protect their phones from parents with the help of passwords, well, at least, they think they do because password protection is not an obstacle for The OneSpy app. The Password Keystrokes Logging function of TheOneSpy provides you with the possibility to get access to all data stored on the phone at any time.

  • GPS tracking function.

    If your child is not picking up the phone, no need to worry as you can define the location of target phone with GPS tracker of TheOneSpy. You can view current location, location history or even mark restricted/safe zones. When the user of target device crosses boundaries of safe zone, you receive the alert informing you about that. It is also a great feature for employers who want to monitor employees and make sure they are really away on business.

  • Multimedia.

    TheOneSpy ensures access to multimedia content including pictures, videos, recordings, etc. Now you will know what the user of the phone is interested in, where have been to, and what has been doing, as TheOneSpy has access to all data of the phone.

  • Phone activities.

    You might want to monitor other activities such as adding new cell phone numbers to a phonebook or adding new events into the calendar. Get to know more about new contacts and planned events with TheOneSpy. TheOneSpy program provides you with an opportunity to take care of your kid’s safety.

Overall, choosing a good program to monitor cell phone activity is really difficult but possible. TheOneSpy is a spying app which has received a great number of positive comments and feedback. Moreover, theOneSpy has proved to be simple and has the most needed features. If you are still looking for a good monitoring app, you should definetely try TheOneSpy.


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