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xnspy-review-cellspy-apps The following XNSPY review discusses how XNSPY cell phone monitoring application can make your parenting easy and uncomplicated. The review gives an explanation of XNSPY functionality, reasons which is aimed at taking care of children’s safety.

What is XNSPY?

xnspyXNSPY is a cell phone monitoring application that can help you to keep an eye on your child’s online and offline activity without any difficulties. With this surveillance application, you can get access to the information from any device and at any time.

[bctt tweet=”We can’t control our children 24/7, but we are looking for the tool that can help us to be aware of everything that’s happening to them.” username=””] And cell phone monitoring apps like XNSPY can help us in this case. This spyware application can make parenting easy and uncomplicated. You can also use XNSPY for monitoring employees to make sure that your company’s confidential information is protected. But remember about the right to privacy.

The Main Reasons to Use XNSPY

xnspy-11XNSPY was designed specially for people who are looking for the software which can help them to take care of their children and their business as well. XNSPY enables you to find out all secrets hidden in someone’s phones and tablets. You can argue whether it is really necessary to use this application. Here are some reasons why XNSPY is worth using.

  • XNSPY is one of the leading smartphone tracking apps which provides real-time online and even offline monitoring tools and instruments. It is acknowledged as one of the best monitoring apps for parental control and employee monitoring;
  • It is a safe and extremely reliable cell phone monitoring application which has the most innovative features;
  • XNSPY is fully-discrete and non-intrusive mobile spy software which provides amazing monitoring;
  • The app provides a complete monitoring package that is perfect for parents who want to spy on their children and business owners and TOP manager who want to track phone activities of their employees;
  • Affordable prices and several different payment options;
  • It’s the app with minimalist design, user-friendly and intuitive interface, so you will need no tutorials to use it;
  • A great helpful customer support team available 24/7. Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed;
  • Complete compatibility with all Android and iOS devices.

Functionality of XNSPY Monitoring App

xnspy-iphoneXNSPY provides a complete set of functions that are necessary for effective cell phone monitoring. Look at the review of the main functions.

SMS messages monitoring

Do you want to track all sent and received SMS messages? Wondering what messages were deleted by your employees or your children? It’s not a secret anymore with XNSPY. View copies of sent, received and deleted SMS messages whenever you want.

Monitoring and recording calls and surroundings

Monitoring incoming and outgoing calls is not a problem for XNSPY. With this app, you can track all calls, phone numbers and names of the interlocutors. The app makes it possible to track call logs remotely. The application can also record all made and received calls and phone’s surrounding. You can listen to the recordings of the target phone or tablet when you have time for that.

Spying on an address book and appointments

You can view all contacts in the address book of the target device in details as well as all notes, reminders and appointments. Using the program, you have an ability to track appointments of the user of the target phone.

Tracking GPS location

Spying on the GPS location of the target phone is easy and comfortable with XNSPY.  With this monitoring app, you will be able to check the current GPS location of the owner of the target phone at any time. Sign into your personal panel. And get the GPS location of the target device in a full view on the map display. Reviews and comments of XNSPY’s users have proved the convenience ad importance of this option. You can also monitor the history of GPS locations.

Social media activities monitoring

Use XNSPY for monitoring someone’s activities on social media networks and messengers. You can view private Instagram profiles, monitor accounts on other social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. as well as all chats, conversations and media files that were sent or received via messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc.

Spying on browser history

Spy on someone’s browser history, sent and received emails. Use XNSPY, and you will be able to monitor all visited websites, the browser history, and even bookmarks. The app will also upload copies of emails.

Advantages of XNSPY

screen-0XNSPY can provide 24/7 instant alerts. It is extremely convenient for tracking of the most important issues. Just determine special keywords, and the app will send you an instant alert once one of this word appears in email, chat or SMS message. You can also determine safe locations and when the user of the target phone will leave or enter these places you will get an alert.

Access to the deleted information is another important advantage of the app. Your kids or employees will not hide anything from you by deleting call logs, messages or browser history.  XNSPY is able to provide instant access to all deleted data.

It should me mentioned that this surveillance application provides the ability to control the target device remotely. You will get the opportunity to activate the phone camera, microphone, to lock a cell phone, to take a screenshot, to record calls and even to establish screen time, etc. All these advantages make XNSPY the best cell phone monitoring app that is suitable for parental control and tracking employees. It is reliable, provides a wide range of functions, round the clock customer support.



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