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easy spy phoneEveryone who heightens the meaning of truth wants to control almost all around. But how it can be realized, especially stealthily? A technical progress gives us an appropriate answer. We can make it with the help of mobile phone. Popular monitoring software Easy Spy may be a good choice in this case. Let’s look at this review and research all the benefits and hidden drawbacks of this program.

Purpose of Using

An assignment of every spy app is rather clear. They are aimed to acquire any possible information from the target phone and introduce it to the customer as comfortable as possible. Therefore, almost all similar apps for monitoring try to increase their feature lists and simplify a process of using. Easy Spy has reached fine results and confidently occupies a significant niche in the market.

But let’s return to the purposes. There are three main appliances for spying software, but a full number of different applying can be limited only by your imagination.

  • Child tracking. Each attentive parent wants to know everything about his descendant, and getting the complete access to a mobile phone is the easiest way to achieve this goal. Thanks to a functionality of every mobile phone, you can explore children’s habits, interests, and even minds about you as a parent. If needed, you can influence on them remotely.
  • Employee control. If you have a local business with a dozen of workers, you should be both careful and loyal to your subordinates. Therefore, you need to give them maximum opportunities for favorable results (workplace, PC, the Internet, cell phone, coffee, etc.) and watch if they are really decent employees. Using of Easy Spy ensure that the monitoring process will be effortless and comfortable.
  • Loved one’s check. We wouldn’t remind you how crucial is to be confident in your partner for a stable relationship. Just give yourself a chance to verify or refute your guesses. A simple installation of software on his or her phone will give you a full picture of the reality.

Other purposes of this spy app using can be born in your mind after exploring the feature list which actually gives plenty of variants.

Main Characteristics of Easy Spy

easy spy reviewThe spy market for mobile phones is fulfilled with numerous monitoring applications, and manufacturers can’t surprise customers with something really bold. While viewing the list of possibilities, you wouldn’t detect something special, but you should be very attentive. Details aren’t just important; they are above all. Therefore, you should have a clear understanding of which functions you need and why do you need them. Too broad or long list won’t give you the answers but can confuse you. So, before you have started to choose a proper spy app, write down what you really need from such program. Of course, you can imagine your needs without any shit of paper; it doesn’t matter. Now, you are already prepared for a thoughtful reading of the feature list which is divided according to the semantic load.


  1. Text. Every kind of text message bound to the target phone wouldn’t be a secret (sent, received, and deleted) for you with the phone spy program, whether it SMS, iMessage, MMS or email. Such option is primary for all affined mobile phone applications.
  2. Calls. It is another key function that includes the data about duration, time and number of the phone dial.
  3. Location. It is one more standard function of every phone spy app which helps to track someone’s location easily. If you chose Easy Spy, you have a possibility to find out the exact location just by sending a special command from the phone. It is very fast and helpful facility.
  4. Browser. Any web browser will save the full history (even deleted from the phone) and move it to your account. It gives a pretty good resource to explore real interests with Easy Spy help.
  5. Social networks. Most social websites have their separate applications for different operational systems (Android and iOS phones), and it complicates the possibility to get essential information. Choosing Easy Spy, you can save messages from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other popular phone apps.
  6. Media files. All taken pictures and recorded videos from the phone will be visible in your Easy Spy account. That is one more way to analyze person’s behavior and make the right steps to prevent problems in future.
  7. Remote microphone. You can activate a microphone on the mobile phone from a distance and hear what is going on near the phone on your Easy Spy control panel. It is a rather interesting affair.
  8. Remote uninstall. Sometimes such spy app is needed only for a few days or short period, and it’s better to remove that “dangerous” approving of your distrust.

Does Easy Spy Have Some Drawbacks?

easy spy reviewYes, it has, like anything on our planet. You always need to choose: more phone functions or money saving, phone jailbreaking and rooting or less possibility. The app can’t spy on SnapChat messenger and wouldn’t help with installed programs operating. So, when you have decided to choose Easy Spy, consider all essential details observantly.

Pricing Policy

Easy Spy provides monthly fees for the application using. The price is similar for various cell phones and tablets, no matter if it is Android or iOS device, like iPhone or iPad, for instance. Renewals will be installed without additional questions. The support team will help you anytime you need. You pay $29.99 per month and get all needed spying options. If you ever want to cancel the subscription, you may easily do it anytime you need.


When you choose a phone spy app for your purposes, you must look narrowly at Easy Spy software. It has some minuses, but they are not playing the determining role. The absence of SnapChat spying won’t be a problem if you look for the app to monitor your employees or business partners. However, affordable month payment can save your money, and versatile spying features can satisfy numerous needs. So, you have to visit Easy Spy website and explore both, attractive and practical conditions.

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