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Spying apps become hugely popular among contemporary people. The opportunity to track someone’s activity is very tempting. Parents can know more important information about their children, suspicious men and women can check their spouses and employers can know cold that their employees make everything for company success and don’t waste time during a working day. Among various phone trackers, some outstanding programs can give you plenty of advanced functions and provide excellent services. FlexiSpy is one of them. Let’s find out why it is very useful software for the phones with iOS, Android, Symbian and Blackberry operating systems.

What Can You Do With FlexiSpy?

flexispy app reviewOur life is very fickle. Each day we face with new opportunities as well as with unexpected issues. Modern devices like Android mobile phones and tablets or iPad and iPhones make our life more comfortable and really help to solve some of them using numerous apps and programs. FlexiSpy does its job perfectly and assists you with various cases.

Download FlexiSpy

  • Take care of your children. Probably parents use spying phone trackers more often than other people. It is crucial to know that your kids are in safe. With FlexiSpy you may directly detect where your child is now, what people are his friends, what internet activity he leads and even hear what he is doing right now. Prevent any unpleasant situation or issue with a full control of your child’s actions.
  • Take care of your family. Some people need to be sure that their spouses are sincere in their intentions and don’t use them for some mercantile goals. Tracking smartphone app FlexiSpy provides all necessary features and gives you the opportunity to learn more about your soulmate and people she or he used to communicate. No matter what operating system a tracking phone has, Android, iOS or another one, you will learn all information stored on the device.
  • Take care of your business. It is so difficult to find reliable and devoted employees. When you finally created your staff, you must be sure that all of them work hard and try to do the best for your company. Purchase modern Android cell phones for each staff member, install FlexiSpy app and track their activity during the working day.

Basic And Advanced FlexiSpy Phone Tracker Featuresflexispy

  • Calling activity.

    The owner of the tracking phone won’t have any secrets anymore. You will have access to all calls, address book names, duration and time of calls. With FlexiSpy software you may listen to all calls in real-time. Moreover, you can record them and play again as many times as needed (it available for iOS and Android).

  • Sent and received messages.

    Messages can consist plenty of valuable information. Young people prefer to chat via messages. So they discuss all their problems with friends in this way. Now you may watch all emails, MMS and SMS on the Android or another tracking phone on your own phone or PC screen. With FlexiSpy, such apps as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, FB Messenger, Hangouts and others are also included in this list.

  • Internet activity.

    This option is useful for parents as well as employers. Using FlexiSpy, you may quickly check which websites your employees visit sitting on their desks. If you think about your kids and want to protect them from unnecessary and dangerous information, just block unwished websites and applications. Even if they use Android tablet or iPhone outside a home, you can activate FlexiSpy and see what they watch online with access to the web browser history.

  • GPS location.

    Plenty of spying phone trackers gives you the opportunity to monitor the location of a targeted smartphone. But FlexiSpy offers more possibilities. Log into your online account and track the real-time location and movement of the monitoring phone with iOS or Android operating system. It also views the history of changes and let you pick unwished places on the map. You will receive an alert to your FlexiSoy account after each frontier crossing.

  • Controlling and operating option.

    Not every spy phone tracker has this feature. FlexiSpy stands out among other programs because it lets you make some changes inside the tracking cell phone. You may easily delete apps and messages, change configurations and take pictures remotely. Moreover, Android and iOS systems provide the opportunity to restart the device. If you want to be sure that your lovely person is ok, but his or her phone doesn’t respond, just reload it and continue a monitoring process with your FlexiSpy phone tracker.

  • Multimedia tracking.

    Photos became an essential part of our lives. Almost everyone (especially youth) loves to take pictures and share it on social networks. But sometimes wrong people with bad intentions watch them. It may have terrible consequences. Use FlexiSpy and protect your kid and find out what photos and videos they download to their timelines and who likes and share it on Facebook, Instagram, and other networks (supported on Android, iOS, and other OS).

  • Passwords crack.

    This option is available for Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads. If the phone owner tries to hide some important information or files with passcodes or some programs require passwords, it won’t be an issue for your FlexiSpy device. It easily cracks any password and allows you to watch and record all you need to know.

  • Bug option.

    If you need not only monitor the information stored on the tracking phone but also hear what happens around it, FlexiSpy can help you. It lets you listen and even record all surrounding conversations and sounds of the phone you spy, no matter if it has Android, iOS or Symbian operating system.

flexispy app reviewTo make some conclusions we want to admit that FlexiSpy can satisfy even demanding customers. Everyone appreciates a reliable company with excellent services and 24/7 support team.

Numerous functions for various devices like Android phones or tablets, iPads and iPhones can give you all required information.

You may use FlexiSpy advanced options and control almost everything that happens to the phone owner.

All these options must be implemented for good purposes according to laws of your region. The manufacturer tries to give the clients all necessary features and benefits so that you can try the free demo version before make a final decision about purchasing the FlexiSpy app. We are sure that if you choose this app, you won’t regret and will use it with pleasure.



Call Intercept


Crack password


Track SMS


Track GPS location



  • Access to target phone is required
  • Expensive


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