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Letting your children use the internet freely on iPhone and other devices is not as safe and harmless as it seems. Therefore, we picked 10 best parental control apps for iPhone and other operating systems which will help you to control your children iPhone activity.

Have a look and choose one of the best free parental control app for iPhone according to your needs, objectives, and finances.

How to Choose the Best Parental Control App for iPhone?

We should start with some points of how we chose the best parental control app for iPhone. All the criteria were very simple and important to the best iPhone app to perform control. The main reason why a good app becomes the best one is the ability to filter different aspects. If the application has a load of filters, you may go further with it. And here are few more points we counted and you should if you want to get the best iPhone parental control app.

  • Installation: The installation process should be easy and simple. Nothing very fancy and complicated.
  • App Management: The best parental control app for Android or iOS should be able to deal with all the applications installed on the target phone. It should block and limit them if it is necessary.
  • Filtering: It is a big deal and filtering as we said before is a very important aspect. Inappropriate content and other stuff should be unavailable to your kids.
  • Texting Management: As any even the simplest spy app, best parental control app for iPhone should be able to deal with all types of text messages. No matter if it is a simple SMS or  instant message from Facebook Messenger, the best parental control app for iPhone must deal with it easily.
  • Location tracking: GPS location is the most interesting and sometimes the most useful feature in those apps. It will give you the opportunity to find your kid no matter he or she is at the moment.
  • Price: And the last but not least. This aspect is very important and often plays the main role in the purchasing

best parental control app for iphoneThe Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

Let’s see what apps we can name as the best parental control apps for iPhone. Here is the list of apps we have chosen using all the criteria we mentioned above.

Qustodio Parental Control for iPhone

best parental control app for iphone

Qustodio is rated as an application that has been designed to perform family protection and child internet safety app. It suggests a clear interface and multifunctional structure. The cost is about $45 per year. Qustodio also proposes special filters to deal with Safari and Chrome, with the help of which you can easily rate a time limit to the web surfing and Wi-Fi use, protect iPhone from jailbreaking, block prohibited and spam pages in Google and also get reports of the web history and tasks that were carried out by the user on device.

Download iPhone Parental Control App

Also, Qustodio can amplify phone monitoring on the major part of iPhone applications that are installed on iPhone. Though this application is not ideal and all-inclusive, it’s worth paying attention and has a moderate price. Don’t forget to restore it once a year.


  • Great features to filter content
  • Activity timeline is very clear and informative


  • Limitations to some particular features
  • Is not able to block inappropriate content, only messages
  • GPS location tracker often fails

OurPact iOS Parental Control

ourpact best parental control app for iphoneThis application is regarded as one of the most successful and easiest in use monitoring spyware. Ourpact is concentrated on reducing the hours that kids spend using their iPhones. Among several progressive functions, there is a crucial one – limitation of web browsing plus application use with special timers.

Another available option of the OurPact app is the ability to control the family with the help of a single interface, having an administrator application installed on the parents’ iPhones and counterparts installed on the children’s gadgets.

Parents get a special board to set up all necessary functions. Limit an internet access during school time and homework time on kid’s smartphone. That’s the best way not to waste time looking through Instagram photos, messages on Facebook or YouTube videos. Adjust settings on iPhone with one-touch according to the timetable of your beloved children any way you like. Also, you can discuss some settings with your child. If some activities are fulfilled, you can reward your kids and iPhone will be unlocked.


  • One single interface to control few family members
  • Great features list
  • You can set limitations to social media and certain apps usage


  • No location identification
  • No remote access


lock2learn best parental control app for iphone

Lock2Learn differs from other monitoring applications that can work with iPhone effectively. Using this app you can easily track your child’s cell phone, hack their iPhones remotely and monitor web content, plus limit app access on iPhone and time that your kid spends browsing.

Lock2Learn gives you a great chance to lock the mobile phone at the desirable moments, and your child gets access to it only answering some questions about school subjects. It will help you to practice your control as a parent.

Another great thing is the price of the app. It is very reasonable and fits customers’ budget in most of the times. You can easily appreciate this advantage after seeing some other apps prices on the market.


  • Easy to use tool to access the app
  • Offers various questions to your kid to unblock the phone
  • Different ages profiles available


  • Monitoring system is weak
  • Lots of private data is required

Norton Family Premier

norton family best parental control app for iphone

If you worry about holding your child back from suspicious websites, Norton Family Premier is an ideal variant. Costing only 50$ per year, it provides you with effective filters to deal with web content with the age criteria.

Also, you can use Safari browser and a built-in Norton’s browser. Norton Family Premier suggests you one more function and position determination that lets you find out where your kid is.

However, the app doesn’t set any limitations to other applications. Your kid will be able to visit any websites and play games without even the simplest time limitation.


  • Perfect GPS location tracking features
  • Easy to use interface to deal with options and entire monitoring process
  • You can block any application on the target device


  • Messages tracking is quite limited
  • Is not able to set time limits for certain apps

My Mobile Watchdog

watchdog best parental control app for iphone

This software has some nice tools, like a short-term block of the applications and games if your child is wasting that much time playing with friends and refuse to do homework or read a book. To open an app, you have to approve it on parents’ and child’s phones.

One special feature is text and message control that let you know who and how contacts your child. This way you can approve and deny contacts. That’s the best base to perform proper monitoring. But you need to count on its weak GPS location tracking features. There is no strong and reliable feature you may trust.


  • Web browser history is very easy to view
  • Installation process is simple and easy to perform
  • Temporary block option


  • Geofencing is not available
  • Complicated app using tools
  • Activity log is very unclear

Mobile Spy

best parental control app for iphoneHaving the price of $100 per year Mobile Spy app suggests different services to use as a parental control on three devices. The major goal of the Mobile Spy is registration and tracking of your child’s activity. Mobile Spy is not compatible with multifunctional use, but you can easily remove apps and block websites, approve and restrict members who contact your kid.


  • Logging system is very reliable
  • Special alert feature to inform you of inappropriate phone calls


  • Installation process is very complicated
  • Is not able to block certain phone numbers
  • Time limiter is not available


phonesheriff best parental control app for iphoneWith a price of 89$ per year, PhoneSheriff offers you various parental services and tools to control how your child uses up to three devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod. Easy and effective in use it lets you are aware of what your child is doing on the mobile phone.

Parents look through the apps and backups installed on the phone and block the ones they find bad. Also, you are able to set time restrictions. With PhoneSheriff, you are always aware of every message and photo your child receives or sends in iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter or Snapchat and you can create whitelists and blacklists of contacts and review phone numbers.


  • Great time limit control feature
  • Easy to use web browser history and logs
  • Reliable GPS location tracking features with a special alert button


  • Installation process is quite complicated
  • Complicated filters and blocking feature

AVG Family Safety

best parental control app for iphoneAVG Family Safety turns out to be one of the most powerful apps that blocks all the dubious content in the web. It has two control modes of operation:

  • monitoring
  • filtering

This parental monitoring software has four age modes. You can choose appropriate settings of the fact how old your child is. You can use it on the iPhone and Mac, and other Apple devices. If your child gets lost, there was a panic button that functions with the help of GPS.


  • Great apps and content blocking features
  • Easy to use filters
  • Simple and clear installation process


  • Lack of tools
  • No call control

ESET Parental Control

best parental control app for iphoneAll those parents who want to get a powerful and reliable parental control app should consider ESET Parental Control tool. It is easy to install and use with no complicated processes involved. You can easily set options and filters basing them on various subjects and avoiding your kid get involved in suspicious actions through the internet.

Also, the app will block all the inappropriate content and applications. You can turn off the blocking feature and just set a proper time limitation on each fun and game app on your kid’s phone. If it is time to learn and do his or her homework, just set the limit of how long a game app will be available.

ESET Parental Control costs $69. You can use it to spy on three different persons as a year pack. ESET also offers some other parental control features in its other apps like antivirus.


  • Filters and time limiter are very easy to set up and use
  • The entire interface is very user-friendly
  • Great support section
  • Reliable GPS location tracker


  • Location history can’t be logged
  • You can’t monitor any contacts or social media activity
  • Time limiter is too complicated to use on a certain app

Net Nanny

best parental control app for iphoneNet Nanny is one of the most popular parental control apps on the market, and it is not just in its name. The program is very easy to use and often becomes the first one that users test by a beginner user. It has great web content filters and blocks any inappropriate stuff you don’t want your kids to see.

But geofencing is not available here, and you set any certain limits or alerts in a dangerous area. And texting monitor also is not the best thing in this program. The price of the application goes right from $60 as a one-year package.


  • It is easy to set filters and to block policy
  • You can set different age profiles


  • Geofencing is not available
  • Specific time limits are not available

Download Parental Control App

How to Install Parental Control App on iPhone

After you have chosen a monitoring software, you have to follow a step-by-step instruction to install an app on your child’s iPhone. Start with your favorite App Store.

You need to find Mobicip Safe Browser and install it entering your login and password. If you forgot it and can’t access your account, make a new one. Thirdly, after you download the app, it will appear on your iOS device. Now you can use it easily.


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