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The company that manufactures the Highster mobile software has taken considerable pride the application’s development. The group has created an application that can prove incredibly useful to many in their personal lives. Businesses, both small and large can also benefit from using this application. Let’s assess how such an application can prove advantageous to a or business in the following Highster Mobile review.
Highster Mobile Spy App

Highster Mobile Phone App for Parents

  • Parents can monitor underage children from a distance and remotely with software installation.
  • The spy software empowers parents with the knowledge to keep the child safe.
  • Being able to monitor an underage child’s activities on a mobile device is imperative if a parent is looking to prevent issues related to predatory behavior and cyberbullying.
  • Essentially, Highster is a mobile spy application that gives parents the second set of eyes that can be used to monitor text, phone calls, messenger apps, deleted files, and even the location of the child can be identified via GPS solutions in the innovative mobile phone spy solution.

Highster Mobile Phone App for Businesses

highster-mobile reviewA business owner can track an employee legally if the employee is made aware of the possibility they will be tracked. The Highster mobile spy app can be installed on a device that the individual can use during working hours.

  • The Highster mobile spy app can let a business owner know if an employee is where he says he will be whenever he is on the clock.
  • Employers can potentially reduce theft and inventory loss if monitoring a cell
  • The same Highster mobile app can track some of what an employee does while on the clock; the phone monitoring software tracks calls, texts, emails, chat sessions, Internet behavior, and third-party applications. Old and deleted files are made available to the user of Highster. So there will be little question as to whether the company is getting quality work out of the monitored employee.

Are There More Pros and Cons to Using the Highster Mobile Phone Spy Application?


  • The Highster spy app is one that is the least costly software program one can invest in when it comes time to monitor a phone remotely.
  • Ease sign up an Highster account once you pay for the program through encrypted technologies that protect your transaction online.
  • The install process when it comes to Highster cannot be easier as it is a three-step process. Order, Install, and Start Monitoring any target phone the software is compatible with Apple and Android devices.
  • From stealth GPS tracking and recording information to be able to take pictures with the target device, the vast array of parental controls in Highster really makes this software a worthy investment.
  • The price of the program is reasonable and to put it simply, parents cannot put a price on child safety or the immense peace of mind the program can provide them with when they always know the location of the child and what activities they are engaging in at the time.


  • With this mobile phone app, you will need access to the target device a few minutes to install if the device has an Android operating system. If it is an Apple iPhone device, you can get some features if you install the program remotely.
  • The Highster program does require jailbreaking to partake all of the tracking features on an Apple device; this being the case, jailbreaking will void the product warranty on the mobile phone.
  • Parents don’t have to tell a child they are being monitored, but if they do, they may find the child doesn’t care for the idea. Alternatively, if a child finds out parents are monitoring a device after the fact; the child may resent the idea.

Quick Feature List of the Highster Mobile Spy App:

Highster Mobile Spy AppThe Highster spy program is loaded with features, some of which are already mentioned, so here you can view a quick list of available features:

  1. Comes with a secure control panel where you gain access to all of the uploaded information from a target device. You can create your own password and login. All information is for your eyes only and remains entirely confidential.
  2. Spy on texts both new and deleted: Know the time a text was sent, received, and the content therein as well as who is sending and receiving the messages.
  3. Activate device microphone for tracking of ambient sound. Here the surroundings where the target device is located.
  4. GPS tracking. You can know where the target phone and user are and discover a person’s whereabouts in real-time. The program is capable of noting house addresses and presenting them on a Google Map for ease of discovery.
  5. Video and picture capturing on the target phone.
  6. Log of all calls with times the call is made, the number from the incoming call or the dialed out call, and any SMS Likewise, the program tracking outgoing and incoming emails and contacts.
  7. Live call intercept functions in the Highster program let you break into and listen to a call as it happening. The callers will not be able to hear you, but you can hear everything between the callers.
  8. When a missed call goes unanswered, and the individual leaves a voice mail message, you can hear that as well.

Highster Mobile Phone Software Compatibility

In order to install the program on a mobile phone, you must have an Android device of 2.1or higher. This app will work on rooted and unrooted Android phones. In terms of Apple devices, the phone needs to have an iOS 6 through 8.4. Moreover, the target device needs to be jailbroken. You need physical access to the mobile you want to track a period of two to three minutes.

To install, you point the phone’s browser to a URL within the address bar, download the app and it installs on the device. The next step is to launch the device and enter in the target phone’s telephone number. A license key is provided for activation of the app.

Highster Mobile


Call logger


Texting Spy


GPS Tracker


Voice mail



  • Reasonable price
  • Easy installation process
  • Vast range of features


  • You need access to target phone
  • You need to jaibreak your iPhone


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