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If you search for cell phone spy or tracking software online, you will find numerous mobile spy apps for monitoring mobile devices or computers. However, not all of the apps might meet your requirements. There is one peculiar program which combines features of not only monitoring software but also the program which can retrieve lost data from any cell phone – Auto Forward. The following Auto Forward review highlights main features of this cell phone spy app and underlines its benefits.

How Does Auto Forward work?

Auto ForwardAuto Forward is a unique tool because it combines controlling features and can retrieve data in case the phone is stolen or broken. Only for 69, 99$ you get unlimited in time possibility to use the soft without any other payments. What you need to do is only to upgrade the app on a regular basis.

Auto Forward operates in a silent mode, which means that the target phone user does not know about it. The soft has only one drawback – it is not compatible with a huge number of mobile devices – it is not compatible with Blackberry- only iPhone and Android. If you use Blackberry phone, you have to consider other options.

To start working on the program, visit its website and select product, which you find the best for your phone. Once it is done, you need to make a payment. The service accepts the safest payment methods, which include PayPal and credit cards – Visa or Master Card. After making a payment, the system sends you an e-mail with your personal account information and downloading the file. Download and activate using license code include in the e-mail. Unlike most programs, overall installation process and setting of the Auto Forward takes several minutes.

Top Benefits of Installing Auto Forward

autofoward-iphoneAuto Forward has all most popular and needed functions to spy on phones even though some of them might differ due to differences in operating systems. Basic features include:

  • Call monitoring.

    This feature allows you to listen to phone calls of the target device, and even record them when you do not have a chance to listen. This is a good opportunity to find out about the content of conversations of your employees if they are using phones for personal usage. In such a way, you might prevent leakage of info.

  • SMS/MMS.

    In order to see the content of exchanged messages, you need to access control panel of the application.

  • Password protection.

    Teenagers tend to be a bit secretive and hide things from parents using password protection but this is not a problem for Auto Forward because it easily retrieves any data, including passwords.

  • Extracting e-mails.

    Losing sensitive and important information is crucial but, luckily, with Auto Forward it is easy to extract it. In case your phone has been broken ad you do not have access to your e-mails, do not get upset as the program can retrieve it.

  • Multimedia.

    Getting access to multimedia files stored on the phone of your kid can be a great chance to see what he/ she is interested in, what places visited and with whom. The software can also restore photos and videos that have been damaged or lost due to technical issues with the device.

  • Internet search history.

    Installing spying program gives you an incredible opportunity to see any search queries on the Internet. There are plenty of websites that are inappropriate for teenagers, and being in the loop will help you understand what kind of data your kid has access to.

  • Social media control.

    The same refers to activity on social media, which should be monitored as well. With Auto Forward app you get access to all chats, friend list and other information.

  • Contacts recovery.

    Good news is that it is possible to restore contacts that have been lost. What a relief! You do not have to collect them again.

  • Calendar data.

    Having access to the calendar is efficient when you want to know more about secret activities of your child. Today kids are progressive and keep up with technologies. Most of them save important event in their calendars.

Get Information Back

The process of extracting phone data is very simple because the soft is oriented at different users. You can restore your lost data in three simple stages:

  1. Fill in information – Apple id or password of the device, which you want to restore or back up.
  2. Get access to the data and upload to the computer or any other secure device.
  3. Log in to your Account to see info retrieved from the target device.

Auto Forward is a program of a new generation. It creates a back up copy of essential info and provides access to other features. For such a low price the software appears to be extremely efficient and competitive.


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