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whatsappEvery single day of our life we face so many problems to worry about. Where are our children? What takes them so long to get home? Who they are chatting with on WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook? We also can worry about our spouses. Why are they so secretive with their tablets and computers?

All these things can be pretty annoying and destructive for our peace of mind. And ten or twenty years ago we would continue to worry. But with the technical development, the situation has changed dramatically. Now we are able to spy on someone’s SMS, phone calls, WhatsApp and Viber messages, chats on Facebook, photos, videos or even GPS location. It’s not a problem anymore! Ask how? Mobile spy software is the solution.

How to hack someone’s WhatsApp messages?

whatsappmessagesWhen it comes to cell phones, WhatsApp is one of the best applications for chatting that is available on the market for iPhone and Android operating systems. It seems that every person who has a smartphone uses Viber or WhatsApp to communicate with friends and loved ones. It’s user-friendly, easy and convenient. So if you want to find out someone’s secrets, you need to get access to his or her WhatsApp chats, and the trick is done.

That’s why many secrets of professional and personal life are now hidden in users’ personal accounts on social media such as Facebook ,WhatsApp and Viber chats. There are several popular and quite affordable ways to hack someone’s iPhone remotely and someone’s Android to read WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook messages.

Ways of spying on WhatsApp:

  • Some rooting programs can help you to hack someone’s electronic device, Facebook profile, or WhatsApp chats as well;
  • Hacking the authentication password on the cell phone will enable you to view all messages, phone calls, photos, Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber chats, audio files, camera, GPS location, etc.;
  • WiFi connection is the tool that can be used to hack someone’s phone if the owner of the phone which you want to monitor has used this network before;
  • You can spy on someone’s cell phone via the SIM card that is used on this phone. But this method requires special equipment, software, and skills. That’s why this method is not so popular;
  • Using mobile spy trackers is the last one on our list, but the most popular method of hacking devices and WhatsApp chats.

Features of WhatsApp Spy Software

spy-iphone-messagesTexting spy apps are easy to use. They are quite affordable.  Besides, there are many free services that have restricted functionality, but nevertheless allow you to track the most important information like phone calls, messages, Facebook chats, photos and so on. The most common functions of surveillance applications are the next:

  • Monitoring phone calls;
  • Tracking messages, Facebook chats, WhatsApp, Viber conversations as well as reading and editing all messages even deleted messages;
  • Complete access to the phone camera;
  • Spying on photos, screenshots, videos;
  • Viewing all information on contacts;
  • Controlling GPS location;
  • Spying on the phone’s surroundings.

Texting spy applications have become so popular today. This fact can be explained by the great number of their advantages, functions and options that allow gaining full access to someone’s phone.

Top Mobile Spy Apps to Spy on WhatsApp

whatsappSo with the help of spy apps, you can:

  • Monitor your child who is overly active on Facebook and other social networks;
  • Spy on your spouse who is chatting online with someone suspicious with enviable frequency;
  • Your employee who can disclose confidential information to your competitors.There are so many different mobile spy applications that allow spying on cell phones on the market. We always try to choose the best software. It can be difficult to analyze all of them in terms of price and features. Here you can see the most popular surveillance applications that meet all needs of customers who want to spy on someone’s phone:
    • MSpy: benefits – app is easy to use, tracking of GPS location, free 24h support, affordable price;
    • SpyEra: benefits – email and GPS location tracking, live call recorder, real-time surroundings listening;
    • FlexiSpy: benefits – remote tracking of GPS location, media files monitoring, multi-functional spy on calls.

    In fact, in our digital era, it’s almost impossible to find a person who is not using WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook for communicating in his everyday life. That’s why many secrets about the professional and personal life of our loved ones are hidden on Facebook profiles and WhatsApp chats. This fact can explain why it became so popular to spy on WhatsApp using the different mobile spy apps. They are very convenient, easy to use and their prices are quite affordable for almost any person.

How to Install WhatsApps Spy App

You can install the cell phone spy app and track all information that you are interested in. You have to download the app and install it once on your phone, tablet or computer and on the target device. After that, installed application will do the rest of the work. It will track and report on all WhatsApp activity of the targeted cell phone. Just log in to your personal online account, and you will be able to view all information.

spying-softwareThe important thing is that the app works in the stealth mode and the owner of the hacked phone will not notice it and will not know about it. It should be mentioned that the spyware apps work even when the tracked device is in the sleep mode. The spy apps can enable you to track all Viber, WhatsApp conversations, know the time and dates of each chat exactly; check the details of addresses, videos, photos, or other media files that were received or sent by means of WhatsApp, etc.


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