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mobistealth-reviewYou can wonder if it is possible to find out who your child is chatting with. Or you can worry whether your important business information is secured and do your employees follow the rules of confidentiality. Mobile spy software can answer all these questions.

Mobistealth is one of the most popular and reliable spy software which were designed especially for parents who want to protect their children and for business owners who want to protect their businesses. This software makes it possible to monitor all calls, SMS messages, photos and other phone activities. So it can become a real helper in personal and professional life.

Mobistealth’s Main Functions

mobistealth-reviewsMobistealth mobile spy software provides complete access to the target phone thanks to a wide range of monitoring features. Using this software, you will be able to view app online and phone activities of the target device and get access to all data in one click. Install the app and it will do all the work by itself in the stealth mode. So you will not be detected. Using surveillance software, you will be able to monitor:

  • SMS messages:

    You will have an ability to track all sent and received SMS messages with all details that are necessary to know. You will have access to the information about the sender or receiver of the messages, the exact time and date;

  • Applications:

    You will have access to all applications that are installed on the target phone and all details about them. This feature can give you an opportunity to filter apps and forbid the inappropriate content;

  • Address Book (Contacts):

    with the help of Mobistealth you will be able to spy on the contacts of the address book and all details such as phone numbers, email addresses and key numbers that are stored in the memory of the target phone. View also a list of alternative numbers;

  • Appointments:

    this spy software enables its users to track and manage all data about events, scheduled appointments;

  • Social messengers:

    track chats on social messengers with the help of Mobistealth phone spy software. See all chats and conversations as well as photos and video that were sent or received via messengers. This monitoring software enables you to spy on WhatsApp, Viber, Blackberry Messenger, Skype, MSN Chat, Yahoo Chat, Kik Chat, Line Chat, etc.;

  • Web browser history:

    install Mobistealth monitoring software and you will be able to view Internet browser history remotely. View every web page and be aware of what someone does while browsing the Internet with surveillance app. It will track all the data even if the owner of the target phone clear browsing history;

  • GPS Location:

    Mobistealth software gives you an opportunity to track the current GPS location of the user of the target phone. It tracks the information even if the GPS function of the target phone is disabled;

  • Emails:

    with the help of Mobistealth spy software you can spy on all emails that were received or sent using the target device. Using spy application, you will have access to all emails even to unread emails. You will have an ability to view all details such as senders and recipients of the emails. The subjects and bodies of the emails would be in full view as well;

  • Photos and Videos:

    Mobistealth software makes it possible to spy on the phone camera, pictures, videos and other media files that are stored in the phone’s memory. You can do it remotely in the stealth mode.

Additional Functions of Mobistealth Spy Software


  • Monitoring Gmail accounts: with the help of Mobistealth you will be able to monitor all activities of Gmail accounts that goes through the target phone. You will view the details of senders and recipients of emails, date and time stamp, the content of all incoming and outgoing emails;
  • Call Recording: Mobistealth software gives you an opportunity to record all incoming and outgoing calls that are made using the target phone. A call will be recorded and uploaded to your personal online panel. Thanks to this feature you will be able to listen to recordings from any device and at any time you want;
  • Recordings of Surroundings: you can activate the microphone and record surroundings of the target device. The recordings are uploaded to your personal account, and you can listen to all recordings anywhere and anytime from your phone, tablet or computer;
  • Keylogging and Taking ScreenShots: Mobistealth makes it possible to log keystrokes and to take screenshots of the target phone remotely.

Who can use Mobistealth Spy Software?

spy app reviewMobistealth software сan be effectively used by both concerned parents and employers.

Parental control

Using Mobistealth mobile phone apps, parents can protect their children from online threats and bad influences. With spy software, you can track children’s activities and movements in real time and spy on all communications such as texts, calls, photos, videos, etc. You have to pay only $.50 a day, but you get one of the greatest parental tools which can protect your kids.

Monitoring employees

Using Mobistealth for business you can earn more profits. If your employees know that they are monitored, they will be significantly more productive. If your employees use company’s cell phones, you can reduce personal cell phone use by monitoring phone activities. Using phone spy software, you can enhance employee performance and at the same time reduce wasted time, and earn more profits in the final result.

Mobistealth’s Prices

value-not-priceThe company offers several different subscription plans. They differ in their price, the list of features and the compatibility with different operating systems.

In fact, the price for monitoring Android and Blackberry devices is affordable comparing to other apps. You can use Mobistealth for monitoring iPhones as well, but the price for iPhone monitoring will be higher. So you have to pay:

  • $16.66 – $ 26.66 per month for Mobistealth Android software;
  • $13.33 – $ 26.66 per month for Blackberry spy software;
  • $33.33 – $ 40 for per month for Mobistealth iPhone monitoring software.

As you can see prices are quite affordable, furthermore Mobistealth is reliable, and it has a good reputation. So use it, and you will not regret. Note that you can monitor only one active device using one Mobistealth license. So it’s better to use it for parental control.  However, you can buy multiple licenses to monitor multiple devices of your employees.



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