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Phonesheriff review

Please Note: If you are a current user of such services as SniperSpy, TeenShield, Mobile Spy, and PhoneSheriff or consider to signing up with one of those applications, please be informed that developer Retina-X Studios is shutting down these projects immediately. Our website recommends avoiding using those applications and considering something else instead. You can try mSpy or FlexiSPY in your advance.

The development of the IT branch seems to be very intensive. The number of mobile phone producers increases and they try to fill their gadgets with maximum functions and possibilities. Thanks to a free market of mobile operational systems and applications, different features appear nearly every day. If you want something special, just try to use PhoneSheriff as one of the leaders among spy apps. Remote possibilities of the PhoneSheriff will pleasantly surprise your imagination!

What Is PhoneSheriff?

Phonesheriff is one of the most valuable spy apps on the monitoring market. This program uses all available possibilities to get any information from someone’s phone. As everybody can understand from the title, this software aim is to provide also maximum control of the target’s device, moreover, remote control.

What Possibilities The App Provides?

Phonesheriff review

  • GPS location. Almost every modern smartphone has GPS option, and with the help of PhoneSheriff, such information is available. It provides the route and online bivouac estimates with very high accuracy.
  • Calls. Entering the personal online account will give the full package of information about any call on the target phone. Time and duration look like rather general info, but the possibility to block some callers is a true benefit of PhoneSheriff.
  • Texts. Nowadays, one of the most popular ways to contact someone is to write him or her text messages. It can be SMS, MMS or email. Anyway, PhoneSheriff will save every word till you’ll decide what to do with this written information.
  • Browser history. Using the Internet on the phone is rather practical decision in limited circumstances. However, this advantage of powerful cell phones is successfully applied to get info about visited sites. You can also add to the blacklist the harmful ones or limit the time of using.
  • Media files. One more practical advantage of the modern smartphones is that they could take pictures and record video while the quality is pretty good. All such content, including downloaded files, will be tracked to your account.
  • Applications. The wide variety of diverse programs for phones can impress. Nevertheless, regardless the app type, it can be adjusted or even blocked from your personal account.



  1. Provide reliable childcare. All parents want their children to be in safe. But modern world dictates quite other conditions. A lot of free content on the Internet may harm your descendant even in the long term. Moreover, children have full access to the online world and aren’t able to recognize if some information is rewarding or not. The negative data always hides behind something interesting, as a rule.

In this case, using of PhoneSheriff is determinative. Every attentive and responsible parent can block harmful websites, limit time or possibilities of some suspicious apps or just explore child’s activity and correct the upbringing process. The opportunity to receive an urgent alert when your kid uses some forbidden websites or corresponds with strangers stands out this software from the competitors.

  1. Provide business control. Attentive control after your employees is a must regardless the scope and type of business. Both, massive corporations and small firms should know everything about their workers to prevent any possible losses. Moreover, information leakage and intellectual property are even greater than chatting during working hours.

Thanks to PhoneSheriff, you can easily solve such problems. Installing of this spy software product takes a few minutes. You can pay the subscription when you start use the application. Your workers wouldn’t spend much time surfing the Internet, talking with friends or driving a corporative car for their personal needs.

  1. Provide something important likewise. If you have old parents with memory problems, PhoneSheriff can also help you. Activate online GPS location and don’t worry about them without restricting their wishes at the same time.

As you can see from this review, the possibilities of PhoneSheriff are not limited to the written text. The affirmations below and above dedicated just to help you in solving some life issues.

PhoneSheriff Benefits

Phonesheriff reviewWinning the spy market isn’t easy at all. The monitoring software should be competitive in all aspects including price, quality, opportunities and support. But even a good level of all mentioned items may be not enough. Each application must have some unique benefits, and PhoneSheriff has:

  • Time restrictions. You can forbid a using of some apps, sites or phone numbers in some time interval. It may be very interesting when your child is already in the bad but still using his mobile phone or tablet. Give him quite limited opportunities on the Internet or texting, and he will fall asleep in time.
  • Convenient logs. It’s not a secret that information is better absorbed if it is presented in various ways. PhoneSheriff suggests several logs of messages, calls or browser activity. Some information can also be submitted with graphics help. Choose what way is more suitable for you.
  • Restore function. Sometimes phone or another mobile gadget can be stolen or just broken down unexpectedly. Phone numbers book, messages, taken photos or other important data can be lost PhoneSheriff will preserve all information on your phone, and it is one more exciting feature.

PhoneSheriff Compatibility

  • Android. (All versions starting with 2.2.) This very popular OS is often used on phones and tablets of various manufacturers. Just view relevant PhoneSheriff page and also find full compatibility with all producers.
  • iOS. (All versions starting with 3.1.3.) It is another OS which is installed on every Apple device. PhoneSheriff parental monitoring spyware works with iOS and gives maximum opportunities to their customers.
  • Blackberry. It is the third most popular OS which is also compatible with PhoneSheriff (versions starting with 4.1.)

Attention! Visit compatible page before purchasing. Every OS functions list has some exceptions!


Choosing the most appropriate spy app is a rather difficult decision. PhoneSheriff can offer their customers 24/7 support, affordable yearly subscription ($89), and broad compatibility. It is the essential aspects while making the final step. So, take into account that with PhoneSheriff you may sleep well and know that your child is in safe.


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