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spyera-reviewsSpyEra did a great job trough last few years. This software is developed by a company based in Hong Kong, and it raised its popularity to one of the most widespread monitoring tools on the market. Actually, its history started almost two decades ago. This fact makes SpyEra one of the oldest spy programs on the market. It offers a wide range of features. Most of them are the same basics every reliable and professional mobile spy program has. But there is something really unique in this software. And we are going to talk about it in this SpyEra review with all its pros and cons. Continue reading to learn more.

SpyEra Features

spyera-featuresAs any top-class spying apps such as Flexispy and mSpy, SpyEra has a basic set of features that makes it complete and reliable spying software for every purpose, you may have. There are such common features as calls logging, text messages tracking, browser history logging, multimedia files control, etc. also, such top-class software as SpyEra supports monitoring of so popular these days chatting applications as Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, and so on.

Besides that, SpyEra deals with GPS locations, and we must say that the software tracks it very well. You an accurate location description with real-time monitoring completing the entire target phone route. Browser history is logging by SpyEra with special time stamps for you to get the complete picture of every online action the target phone user did on his or her device.

As an addition, SpyEra also has few advanced features that make it stand out among other monitoring apps on the modern market. There exist just a few competitors that can offer the same features. And first of all, we are talking about calls recording and listening. You can remotely hear everything the target phone user talks on his phone live, or you can record it to listen to later. The same function is responsible for remote surrounding recording and listening. Sounds too fantastic, but you may turn the microphone of the target phone on and get right into the place where the target phone user is talking at the moment.

Also, SpyEra works perfectly as password cracking software. You can get total access to any accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps, and even email accounts) the user has or even the main unlocking password on the target phone itself. It is an evolved version of the key logging feature the earliest spy apps had.

SpyEra Compatibility

spyera-compatabilityWhen you are looking for spy apps to use them with your company or family, such software as SpyEra will work perfectly. With just one purchase you get top-class software with the ability to be installed on various devices. Your family members use different smartphones and tablets? Fortunately, SpyEra is absolutely compatible with a wide selection of operating systems such as:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian

Stealth Mode

Any reputable monitoring software has a stealth mode that makes it undetectable for target phone users. Such developed programs as SpyEra are totally invisible even for the most powerful anti-virus software. Its stealth mode is available for any operating system and works perfectly with no problems. We must say that there is an increasing battery use, but it is very slight and absolutely normal with any software of this type. It happens due to backups via Wi-Fi. This feature is a great find both for business and personal use.

Customer Support

This point is the only big issue any SpyEra user has after or even before the purchase. Software’s customer support is very poor compared to the competitors. Some users complain that might get a day to have a response to email or another request. There is no live chat for SpyEra users, and this fact is a great negative point for the entire case. But we must say that seems company improved its support department and we got the response within 24 hours or so. It is a normal index for most of such services.

Price and Value

spyera-priceSpyEra was never considered as cheap software. Some users even consider it is being too expensive, but these accusations seem a little unfair due to company’s reputation, SpyEra features, and their perfect performance.

There are few main plans and packages of the software. Each of them offers different subscription plans with a different price. You can choose from three and six months or one-year subscription. There are also some combos for smartphones and tablets available. Also, you should note that there are no light or free packages offered. Another weak side of SpyEra pricing is the absence of one-month subscription.

Tablet Plans:

  • One year – $489
  • 2 years – $689

Smart Phone Plans:

  • 3 Months – $189
  • 6 months – $289
  • 1 year – $389

Combo Tablet & Cell Phone Plans:

  • 3 months – $149
  • 6 months – $189
  • 1 year – $249


As any other spy software, SpyEra has its advantages and weak sides. SpyEra is suffering from a lack of some great parental control options some other competitors have. While SpyEra still can deal with a GPS tracking, it has no app, content, and websites blocking feature that is often very useful for parents and even employers.You should look what points work at its best. Do these cons. value more than it pros. First of all, you should note that there is no difference between versions of the software to Android and iPhone, it means a lot nowadays. You may use it both for your family or company gadgets no matter what operating systems they are powered with. There are also few really interesting and original features available not so often with monitoring programs. SpyEra may scare you with its price but amaze with the performance level.

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