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There can be a different reason why you need a keylogger for Android smartphone or any other device. If you have decided that you need such software, it means you need some help to make a right choice. The variety of free keylogger for Android is huge, and these applications got through fast evolution from simple keystrokes trackers to mighty spying forces that even James Bond would love to have in his arsenal.

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Choosing the best keylogger for Android

keylogger for AndroidThere are lots of free and paid apps. Some of these programs also have two versions, and it is highly recommended to use the paid one in the situation you need the reliability and wider range of features. But a good free keylogger for Android would be a perfect choice at the start.

Spying software also works with different operating systems – Windows, Android, iOS, etc. Some of them support multiple computer and mobile OS versions. Another thing you should consider is conspiracy options.

Most of the free versions you can download from the internet for free are visible and easily detectable to the users of the target device. To keep a secret of a smartphone being monitored, you should buy software with a stealth mode available.


keylogger for AndroidThis software is one of the simplest types of spy applications for phone monitoring. It runs on both popular operating systems. You can easily use it on the computer.  It will track GPS location of your target, check text messages and record phone calls.  The history on keystrokes will be kept even if the user has deleted it.


  • Works without physical installation
  • Works with non-jailbroken iPhones
  • Great list of features


  • Some features are similar to those cheaper apps have
  • The price is not the lowest one on the market

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Easy Spy

keylogger for AndroidEasy Spy is one of those reliable keyloggers you can easily find and download online from any part of the planet. It has a bunch of useful features that will make any user satisfied. You don’t need to have any special skills to use this app as it is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

It will be possible to monitor your kid, spouse or employee with a bunch of great features that are unusual with free keylogger for Android, but very high-quality with this one. You can monitor any device with no risk of being identified. The stealth mode on this app works just perfect. This app deals with all text messages and can detect even those deleted ones.

It is available at a reasonable price of $69.99 as a one-time fee. You will enjoy its performance as there are no problems with the app development as said various testimonials we found online. All the updates of the program are free.


  • Easy to use and clear interface
  • Lots of useful features of the highest quality
  • No fee to use updates


  • Monitoring system is weak
  • The price is not the lowest one

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keylogger for AndroidSurePoint is the app lots of Android users loved for its simplicity and easiness of use. It is well-known with its reliability and being a tough spying solution fitting various requirements of its customers. It is compatible with both most popular operating systems – Android and iOS. The installation process is very simple and will take you just a few moments to be done. The keylogger Android works with all text formats and even monitors instant messengers: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, and others.

You can track all passwords to the social media accounts and those social media entirely. SurePoint is the best thing you may get to track Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. The monitoring process is simple and can be controlled from the front panel of your account on the official app’s website. It is available at the price of $29.99 per month.


  • User-friendly interface to control the target device
  • Features are useful and to the point
  • Limitations to the certain applications and content are available


  • Weak GPS location tracker
  • Can’t be installed remotely

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Spy Era

keylogger for AndroidSpy Era is another famous point on our list. It is perfectly compatible with Android with no specific issues. This application provides you with an opportunity to monitor any target Android phone and protects your kids from online dangers. You may easily check out the target phone user activity on the Internet and any other actions he or she performs via the device. The internet browser tracker works here just perfect.

Also, Spy Era deals with GPS location tracking. The update of the current location often is not as fast as it should be, but it works pretty accurately. The application also has a free version to try as a trial.


  • Alert Wizard
  • Live call overhearing & recording
  • VoIP monitor
  • Pictures, videos, and audios access
  • Reliable stealth mode


  • Slow GPS location update
  • Doesn’t block applications

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This application is well-known among parental control users. We recommend to use its extreme edition. You can send a single message and block the entire target phone. That is why parents love this application so much. The time limiter is also available here by default. You can block certain applications or content with the help of a set of special filters. MMGuardian is available with a free 14-day trial. If you want to purchase the full version, the price is $50. It is the best option if you want a keylogger for Android free.


  • Easy to use tool to access the app
  • Offers various questions to your kid to unblock the phone
  • Different ages profiles available


  • Monitoring system is weak
  • Lots of private data is required

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keylogger for AndroidPhoneSherrif is well-known as one of the most powerful spy apps on the modern market. Also, we should say that it is quite difficult to install it if you have permanent access to the target phone. But for those who want to know what is a real spy power out there, this program is the best fit to try. The price is reasonable, but you should be prepared to some really complicated installation process.


  • Time limiter to control your kids
  • Web browser history is easy to log and monitor
  • GPS location tracker works perfectly and has a special alert signal


  • Installation process is complicated
  • It is hard to deal with filters and some other features

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Highster Mobile

keylogger for AndroidThis software will fit your requests perfectly to monitor your Android or local PC. It tracks all the actions on the screen. So you get any important information from any program, browser, messenger, etc. You will get all the information on your email or Android smartphone.

The main advantages of this keylogger Android are about its reliability, user-friendly interface, and the fact that you can buy it at a reasonable price – only $29.99 per month. It is easy to look after your kids without even letting them know about the monitoring process. If you had never used such software before, this remote keylogger for Android would surprise you with its simplicity and easiness in use.


  • GPS location tracker works with no delays and has great accuracy
  • User-friendly interface and monitoring process is simple
  • Blocking feature is one of the most useful on the market
  • Works with non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads. It is a remote keylogger for Android


  • The price is not so reasonable
  • Is not able to set time limits for certain apps

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keylogger for AndroidThis is another great example of easy-to-use keylogger Android software that would make you feel like a real spy. FlexiSPY primary purpose is parental control and business security (to track your employees’ activity on their corporate devices).

But it easily deals with stealth functions. It is a simple spy app used to track phones location, check text messages, etc. It is almost impossible to detect its presence on a device, if your target person does not suspect any monitoring, you may be calm and trust FlexiSpy with no doubt.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Installation process takes just a few minutes
  • Blocking feature works great


  • Has no geofencing feature
  • Some tools and options are complicated to deal with

Activity logs are very complicated

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keylogger for Android

XNSPY is a paid software, but before purchasing you can try demo version. It is easy in use even for the inexperienced user and can be a helpful tool for parents or small business. This app tracks the location of the phone, incoming and outgoing messages and record phone calls.

The program is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. If you want to monitor actions on the smartphone of your target, it’s enough to install basic edition which costs only $8.33 per month.


  • Monitoring system is very powerful
  • Wide selection of features and monitoring paints
  • The price is very reasonable


  • Not simple to install
  • Can’t block certain phone numbers
  • Time limiting feature is weak

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Auto Forward Spy

keylogger for AndroidThe name of the software speaks for itself. This is a nice example of all-in-one monitoring spy tool that you can download and install on your Android as easily as possible. The range of its features is impressive. It is able to track all the keystrokes and monitor any programs launched and used on the Android smartphone or computer.

You will easily get any passwords, emails, browser history, URLs, and any personal data that went into the device. The reports of Auto Forward Spy are displayed on your smartphone or PC. It is a perfect tool to control the work of your employees and to check your kids.


  • Great monitoring features
  • Deals with all types of messages
  • Location tracker with geofencing and panic button.


  • The price is too high
  • Location tracker works with delays and slow updates

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Purposes of Using Free Keylogger for Android

keylogger for AndroidThe reasons to use keylogger app can be various. The history of those keylogger apps started with criminals used such software to steal passwords and personal information from their victims. An average user treats keylogger apps as an effective tool for monitoring his or her private devices. Using spy app with GPS tracking feature on your phone, you can easily find it if it was stolen.

All keylogger apps deal with pretty the same tasks. Even that free invisible keylogger for Android has the same roots if people were using those keyloggers to find out other people’s passwords. But these days, personal needs and care of your family get the main role of spy apps for Android. Everyone has his own reason to use keyloggers and here are few main of them.

Three Main Types of Keylogger Users

keylogger for Android

  • Kids and entire family protection

There are situations if parents get absolutely nuts of how their kids behave, who influences them, what are they doing in situations they are not at home. This is the time to a professional spy app to get to the stage. Use GPS location tracker to find out where your kid is at the moment. Use messages monitoring to read your entire son’ or daughter secrets. And the list can go on.

  • Your spouse is cheating on you

Adults have problems also related to their personal life but not just only kids. If you are jealous or constantly suspecting your spouse on cheating on you, there is no better way to find out the truth than a spying app. Prove you’re right or blow all your doubts away. It is very simple to do if you are using a professional and reliable keystroke logger for Android.

  • Control your employees and their activity inside the office

Any boss or manager has one or even more employees that are constantly late. You can use a corporate phone with installed Android keylogger to control his or her GPS location before the work. Also, it is easy to protect your corporate data and identify an employee selling it to your competitors. You can try a free invisible keylogger for Android in this situation.


It became massively popular among parents who want to protect their children if they are online. Also, this software became appealing for employers. Bosses and managers want to find out that their employees use corporate devices for working purposes only. And those apps we discussed here are perfect spying tools to jealous people who want to know everything about their spouses. Tell us what your main reason to use Android key logger is. Please use the comment section below.


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