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What is Mobile Locate?

The application is for use in tracking mobile devices. The makers of the family locator software assert that it relies on state of the art innovations that are already inside a mobile device. That makes it easy to track the location of any phone on the account. With Mobile Locate, parents can control kids and the elderly, always making sure they are safe and secure. The family locator software lets them know of the individual’s physical location in real time.

Costs of the Family Locator App

The Mobile Locate family locator phone application is one where you can try out the features through a free account sign up. You can then choose a plan as you desire, one that best suits the needs of your family and your personal budget. You do not require any credit card information when you are signing up for the family locator phone program. The phone locator app relies on cellular network information and GPS technologies to identify the location of the target device.

The account sign up is free, and you can immediately register the mobile device and family members you want to track. Once you choose the preferred location plan, you gain instantaneous access to the web platform where you can find out information about the devices you want to track. At the same time, you can track more than one device simply by adding cell phones to the account and activating the tracking functions.


  • The cell is activated and tracked once the user replies to a simple SMS text message allowing permission for tracking.
  • No drain on a device’s battery, nothing you have to download and nothing you have to install.
  • A single click of the mouse reveals the location of a family member’s device on a satellite view map or a high-resolution graphic: The visual choice is all yours.
  • The Mobile Locator family cell app is available in all states in the US.
  • The Mobile Locate cell family locator software works with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint PCS, Virgin Mobile, BoostMobile, US Cellular, Metro PCS, TracFone, and H20 Wireless devices.
  • The family locator software relies on cellular network data and GPS readings to ensure you always get the closest to accurate reading possible.
  • The Mobile Locate family locator app is compatible with all feature phones, smartphones, and all mobile cells as long as the phone operates with one of the supported cell phone networks previously mentioned.
  • No matter whether a child is walking home from school or has permission to stay at a friends house, with the program parents can always double check on the child’s location: This keeps parental anxiety at bay because it is apparent when kids are safe and secure.


  • The cell user must give permission to allow the device to be tracked by the Mobile Locate program.
  • The Mobile Locate family cell app is not available in Canada at this time.
  • The accuracy of the program is not guaranteed. There are some factors that can actually interfere with GPS readings and cell phone reception.
  • Results of a location can span anywhere from 10 meters from a location to as much as several thousand meters. However, the app provides you with an accuracy radius reading.
  • The app keeps family members in touch, easy to locate in real-time, and makes it possible to track the locations history of family members. Plus, sharing communications is made fun and easy.


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The cell that is tracked by the Mobile Locate Family Locator Phone program needs to provide permission to track the device and permission is given via text reply. If the phone is within a network that the family locator phone app supports. You can easily use Mobile Locate to track it.

The only time you do not need express permission from a device owner to track a device is if the phone belongs to an underage minor. Or if you are a legal custodian, ward, or guardian of an individual you are tracking. Otherwise, you are crossing legal lines and can run into issues with the law.

How to Deactivate Tracking Feature on Mobile Locate Account

Location services through the family locator phone app can be canceled by you at any time you desire. Once you request the tracking solution to end, an SMS is sent to your phone or device to confirm that the tracking options have been removed or deactivated. You can take the phone right off your account. When you sign into a secure area online with your Mobile Locate login and password.

All you have to do is choose the option marked “remove phone” from the options on the menu. You receive a confirmation via phone that the tracking app and remove family locator phone program from the device.

The makers of Mobile Locator family locator app are doing what they can at this time to expand the number of phone carriers the current version of the app works with. But the list is already pretty broad. The good news is if you do not see your carrier immediately. You can anticipate that compatibility is assured in the future.

All of your information remains private in the family locator phone application. The information remains encrypted via Secured Socket Layered technologies and is kept on secure servers. The company does not sell your private details to third parties.

Customer Support for the Mobile Locate

Customer service is provided via a direct phone line. You can call number 1.661.294.6805 . Or you have the opportunity to request assistance via email communications.

The app comes with a free trial. So you have nothing to lose. And with the free trial you get two free locates per account. This helps you check out the application.

The family locator software offers an options for flexible payment. You will get 30 locates for $19.95. That is valid for a period of three months when you make a onetime payment. Alternatively, you can derive better savings if you choose one of the monthly plans.

You can monitor one phone and get 50 locates for as little as $7.95 each month. You can add more phones at the cost of $5.95 a line. For this you should pay an additional 50 locates for the new line. Locates over 50 are at a price of $0.15 a piece. But you have to purchase a minimum of 35 additional locates to qualify. The bill is auto-billed for your convenience.


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