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One way to protect your child from existing online and real-life threats, one can purchase a child-friendly tablet or Android phone. However, if a parent wishes to go deeper, he or she will have to invest more time and, perhaps, money. The best approach to defending your children is full parental control.

There is only one thing each parent is sure about. It is necessary to protect children and teens for several reasons:

  • Defending them from online strangers
  • Preventing them from internet gambling & useless gaming
  • Minimizing the number of app purchases to save cash
  • Keeping children away of assignment writing services

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How to Set Up and Use Parental Controls on Android Phone

If you find the nuclear approach of router-based solutions too harsh and limited, then personal device level control is just for you. As far as Android is the most popular system, there are a lot of monitoring apps developed especially for phones and tablets based on it. Google platform allows setting several accounts/profiles to spy after your kid anonymously. In some cases, a parent needs to know all access details or even grab the child’s Android phone at least once to insert the control software. Some family safety solutions can work remotely without penetration.

  1. Add a restricted user via Apps > Settings > Users > Add user
  2. Set up password credentials and name the created account.
  3. Select apps which you would like to filter or restrict from your child’s phone.

Most Commonly Used Free Android Parental Control Solutions


Norton Family Premier

Let’s begin our review with one of the best parental control systems for family usage. Norton is applied for various online purposes such as restricting websites with unfavorable content (adult, porn, gambling, etc.) and fully controlling phone or tablet browser activity. A parent won’t have to guess anymore what his child is searching in Google.

The number of benefits depends on the package you choose. Anyway, the software can be free if only filtering of internet websites and e-mail notifications about any violations are needed. It is ideal for teens. The maximum price is $49.99 with the ninety-day history of your kid’s online activity.


SpyEra: Let Sherlock Do His Job

One parent may find Spy Era a bit costly, but the product is worth its price. Parental control is also a great phone locator and identifier. You just have to install the app on the target Android phone or tablet to manage it distantly.
The higher price is caused by the greater number of functions in contrast to many other similar control applications. This parental software offers:

  • Efficient phone call control (of all incoming and outgoing calls)
  • Overhearing & recording or the surrounding (your child won’t be able to trick you by telling he’s studying hard when he is actually partying
  • GPS location monitoring
  • Reading of e-mails & SMS

Spy Era is compatible with Apple, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry phones. $249 is the full annual price.


PhoneSheriff: You’re under Arrest!

Right, the third Android parental control software from our chart acts as a real sheriff! Its activity logs are intuitive and include many details. A parent who is using it may choose to send these details directly to an e-mail address. At the same time, the app misses an opportunity to stay invisible on the target phone or tablet.

In general, PhoneSheriff for Android is very simple in use. A parent is still able to come up with extensive instant alerts, put restrictions on internet access and Google or Android app stores, and enjoy a range of activity categories.


MMGuardian: Best Kid’s Bodyguard

Let’s begin with an ability to review and block unfavorable applications and other downloads from the internet. Add the opportunity to overhear all incoming/outgoing calls as well as to block certain incoming Android phone calls. Now, it’s up to the parent to decide which apps can be installed!

Moreover, after setting MM Guardian control software, the user would be able to locate/lock object’s phone or tablet with a single message; install time boundaries to control the amount of time spent in the internet browser; read an everyday report on kid’s device activities; observe full browser history. Get one free at Google Play or Android market.

highster mobile

Highster Mobile: Hands up!

Highster is an excellent spy and parental control solution for every loving parent or spouse. It allows remaining completely undetected when watching after you target Android phone or tablet activity. The best features of this cell phone spy application tool involve the possibility to retrieve necessary information from all types of texts (from SMS & e-mail to various messaging apps), record photo or video with the help of target Android device camera, and, of course, identify phone’s location and further movements.

Highster is one of the best parental control apps for a fair price to keep your children from suspicious websites they can easily find in Google, online strangers, and losing their devices. By the way, Highster Mobile makes it possible to find the lost Android phone or tablet without any obstacles.

eset parental control

ESET Parental Control: When Value Matters

Except for saving your kids from troubles, a caring parent may also help the young family member to navigate online with ESET parental control software. The best way to force your child to study is to block the access to Android or Google play market. It allows banning internet activity or website found in the browser which you did not like.

Among the key features, Android users will notice:

  • Web guard
  • Application guard
  • Kid locator

Registering online account is very easy and fast, so let’s solve the problems with your children phones and tablets in a friendly manner.

safe browser

Safe Browser: Clean Kid’s Browser!

Still worried about your child’s internet activity, especially when it comes to social media and adult content? Wish to check entire browser history directly from your Android device?

Get Safe Browser family control solution absolutely free of charge to filter porn or gambling content as well as create personal custom lists of banned websites. By the way, a parent can use this one with another efficient cell phone monitoring app for Android, ScreenTime. Anyway, Safe Browser is the best when it comes to web content. Download one from Google Store.


Funamo: Observe Entire Phone Activity

As a curious parent, you have most probably heard about this popular Android control software. It combines:

  • Controls entire Android phone or Tablet activity
  • Filters internet websites discovered in browser history

Sure thing, Funamo manages contact lists, phone calls, text messages, apps, and Android device location too. History details are added to the app server every day. It’s up to the parent to decide whether it is necessary to activate a safe search for Google and other search engines or multimedia channels. You may input a keyword or key phrase filtering. Download this software from Google Play.


Qustodio for Families Premium

Hurry up to get a favorable discount and lots of attractive opportunities proposed by Qustodio parental control tool! A parent can run this on his Android phone or tablet. There is an option to use Qustodio controls on PC.

The best features include:

  • General device protection
  • Upgraded Facebook control
  • Time restrictions by device
  • Apps, phone calls & SMS blocking
  • GPS location identifying
  • Panic Button
  • Detailed reporting


Pumpic’s Special Offer

Pumpic for Android has a special parental control program which is considered one of the best in terms of its availability. It is not that expensive but still comes along with all significant functions. It even involves chat management (from SnapChat to Viber), GPS and geofencing, keylogger, and SIM change notification.

Thus, get it for your Android device to find more ways to control and defend your family.



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